Which story is this?

Some of you asked for a description or something to show the difference between this story and other stories... because it's becoming very hard to remember....

This story is about NOUF, ALI, FAHAD, RAWAN, and SAAD....

It's the story that uses N, A, F

---Nouf and Fahad have been the closest friends since they were kids
*b/c their parents were close

--Ali's Austin Martin

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Making History... KUWAIT! ;)

This is so exciting! 
9ij 9ij ya3ni this is history in the making! 

Do  you know what I'm talking about?

The women in parliament?

I'm watching them voting and organizing right now, it's SO exciting... 

Masooma Imbarak ya7lailha 7ail midmaja... It made me smile how mishta6a she was when they wanted to see who wanted to run for vice-president.

I LOVE how some of the men are supporting the women.


Did anyone else see the 8asim & what are your thoughts?

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Prison Break Update

I just finished episode 22...

I cried so so much.

It was the most depressing and tragic yet most beautiful ending ever...

I'm going to watch episode 23 tomorrow... is that the final episode?

Prison Break

I'm continuing Prison Break, the final season.

I stopped before at like episode 14 and these past two days I'm watching an episode after another.

The series is just heart-breaking.... I still can't believe what happened with Bellick, poor guy. I keep trying to analyze his death scene but I don't come to any conclusion!

However, T-Bag made me laugh so much in episode 18 where he was trying to stall as the others got into the embassy... I don't want to say too much and spoil Prison Break for those who haven't seen it but I'm just going to say, I thought he was going to pull a gun when he locked himself to the gate. That was truly shocking and it made me laugh... it was unbelievable.. and then it was even funnier when he talks about elephants and in the end the indian guy tells him, "Sir, I don't believe that is a true fact sir." That was CLASSIC, it was so funny!

But I really really hate the mother... and I cried so much in episode 19...

Am I rambling off or does anyone out there understand what I'm saying?

Anyways... who else out there is a PRISON BREAK LOVER?

Friday, May 29, 2009

part 42


Oooof oooof oooof ooof!! A7IBA A7IBA A7IBA!!!!!

Right now I'm sitting with him at his chalet that overlooks the beach... oo just imagine, imagine what he did......

jahazli picnic!

It was the sweetest thing ever!

7a6lina umbrella on the sand oo a blanket oo MIN 9IJA yayeb sala feeha akil, hehe!

"Sawaita kila ibroo7ik?!" Sa2alta.

"Wallah tabeen il 9ara7a?"

"Hehe, eee!!!"

"Ana 7a6ait il akil bil sala bas wallah omi allah yi3afeeha 6ib5atlina."

"Allaaaah!! YA7LAILHA!!!" I squeeled. I looked around on the beach, ma kan ako a7ad yet so I jumped on him and wrapped my arms around him, laughing hard.

"Hahahhaaaii! Shakilha 5a6eebti yanat!" He replied oo shayilni.. bida yamshii feenii laman il mai..

"HEYYY!! Laaaa2!!" 9ara5t oo ana a'67ak oo ma agdar atnafas.... "Heyyyy!" Bas ya3ni akeed, I was loving it oo kilish ma3indi mani3 inee a6ee7 bil mai.... AMOOT 3ala il siba7a... oo Sa3ad yi3arif inee I do.

"La la, lazim takleen awal.. ma sawait kil hatha 3ala wala shay." He calmed down oo shalne ib his arms... oo nizalna 3ind il blanket oo ga3adna nakil...

9ij ga3deen ib chalet bil kuwait.. oo kila ramil ile moo moree7 ... oo fee wayid lady bugs ...bas min 9ijee, it was SO ROMANTIC!! Wayyyyy iyanin...

3ogob ma 5ala9na, oo tara akil Khalti Sara 3ajeeeeb-ya36eeha alf 3afya, ga3adna oo solafna oo '6a7akna... I was so comfortable... Il 7amdila ya rab ina 7a9alt wa7id galba 6ayib oo 9ij 9ij ya3ni the PERFECT FIT 7age...

faj2a gam oo shalniii

oo hal mara rika'6 lai il may oo ga6nii da5il wana MAYTA min il '6i7ik...

la3abna bil may oo siba7na oo kilshay.....

oo il fikra ilee itmor ib rasii 6ool hal wagt: A7IBAAA!!!


After showering oo spending time together inside the chalet, libsana oo we went to the ba8ala....

His hand laced into mine oo his fingers outlined my hand slowly.. it was like a secret thing between the two of us.. 5alani a7is ib goosebumps oo il ibtisima itshig wayhi..

da5alna il ba8ala oo garab 3alai 3ashan manbayin ashkara... ya3ni 9ij ra7 nitzawaj bas i7na bil q8... u know how people are.

kint baroo7 9oob il ice-cream wella achoof a REALLY familiar figure... there's no way on earth I wouldn't know who it is.

Oh shoot...

this is going to be awkward...

Should we leave?

I turned to face Sa3ad but I'm absolutely sure he noticed since he tensed up a bit.

I put my arm on his hand, about to convince him that we should leave the ba8ala.

When he turned around.

Too late, he saw us!

Oh God, he looks as great as ever.

He has a healthy tan, and I could see that he was working out as his arms and legs were more muscular, and that he just shaved... wow, he looks great.

I have to admit, my heart sped up a bit at the sight of him.

He saw us and smiled his sexy smile as he approached us.

"Hallah Sa3ad, Hallah Rawan." Abdulla, my ex-fiance greeted us.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Johnny Rockets and Realizations.

6afkum ilyoum ib Johnny... I had a "Big Apple" aw shay chithii o bigt cham gi63at apple pie from my sister oo kalait half a brownie sundae.....

'3air hatha route 66 and fries.....

umbay banfijir....

Oooo la7a'6t shay...

my posts are EXTREMELY SHORT!!!

7amdilla wi shikir!

I was looking at the old parts and thinking "what an idiot!" hahah... shal posts..

I know, I know, I still write the same amounts... bas shasawii ya3ni?

BTW, I was proud of the last post.... it was long compared to the others.. wasn't it? :)

dedicated to sylar lover...


Hi, My Name Is...

Shout Out

Hey everyone just wanted to post a shout out to this really cool new blog that surfaced the Kuwait love stories blogosphere.....

It's written by a person called Pimple and it's sooo good, not blog good, but book good....

I recommend you all to read it...


Go take a look and tell me what you think. :)

Thanks for reading.

Love you. ;**

Hi, My Name Is...

Sunday, May 10, 2009

part 41B


8arart a7i6 il movie The Ring...... min a7la il aflam ib rayii....... libast my comfiest pjs oo na'6aratii (3ashan yabeeli ra7a min contacts) oo na3alii ilee amoot 3alai (it's white oo the softest fluffy na3al ever!) oo bas.... ga3adt ib ra7ti... kilman kan 6ali3 oo i wasn't expecting anyone fa 8arart asawii a "lazy day" ....

ri7t il ma6ba5 oo zahabtlii icecream (vanilla min baskin robbins) ooo popcorn... 5athatlii diet coke oo chips..

7ada bala3a bas whatever... mithil ma gilt, it's my lazy day.

i took all the food with me to the tv room oo 3adalt 8anaftiii oo 7a6ait il akil jidamiii....

7ada buffet junk food. ;P

Da5alt il movie oo 3ala ma il da3ayat yabdoon fakart ib Fahad.....

I really love him..... I truly do..... Ya3ni I'm in love with him, for heaven's sake!

Bas he doesn't love me.... a7isa he may love me bas nafs il wagt yi7ib Nouf...

Hal ibnaya ma tadriii ishsawat fee... ma tadree shloon 5alita 9a3ab yi7ib a7ad thani....

I just want to meet her to see what she's like, because Fahad used to (still is?) love her I'm sure she's one of the best girls on the planet...

I really want to meet her, but I feel as though she's going to be very intimidating....

I'm afraid she'll turn out to be someone I just can't compete with for Fahad's love....

oo a5af i'll get hurt b/c i fell hard in love with him...

I want to be the one that he wants bas nafs il wagt I can't be the one that heals him... I just can't heal his broken heart min Nouf, I can't, ---- Mabii akoon that girl.... il "rebound" girl he uses to get over the girl he's in love with..

I know Fahad isn't that type of guy, but still, he really loved her.

Oo it really hurt me shino sawa feenii... ya3ni lail7een I think about it...

Adrii, adrii ina he apoligized to me A THOUSAND TIMES and I KNOW he was hurt at the time but still.

The time he kissed me IN PUBLIC never the less was really scary.

I'm an innocent girl... oo bint 3ayla oo kilshay.... Fahad il wa7eed ilee I started "Dating"...

Bas bil bidaya I knew he was still in love with Nouf

oo I also knew inee I'm falling for him.... I just couldn't help it... fa I hung on...

Bas mara kina ib ma63am ib merridian.. ri7na ihnak 3ashan 7ada 9a5a oo ma7ad ra7 ichoofna.... oo faj2a Fahad starts kissing my neck.... KISSING MY FREAKING NECK!!!


Oooo he admitted ba3dain inee he's really sorry oo he just did it b/c he saw Nouf's best friend walk by (Isimha Rawan china)

I got so freaking mad, I told him quietly to take me home, NOW.

Ooo 9ara5t 3alai laman gilt bas bil sayara.

"I'm not a slut that makes out in public! Oooo I don't want to be Nouf's freaking sloppy seconds!!" 6ala3t kill ilee feeni..

oo Fahad realized how I was falling for him, his eyes became huge... he looked at me with shock... oo apologized a thousand times.

The next day, he filled my car up with my favorite flowers and a huge "I'm sorry." card on the seat....

He treated me better from then on.

OOhhhhh... the movie's starting, titles are rolling.. 7a6ait il popcorn 3ala my lap and started munching...

Fahad 3indiha il7een i thought... he told me biroo7 3indiha 7ag il 5i6ba... his cousin wanted him to...plus he had to b/c he was still Nouf's best friend...

of course ya3ni I was a bit jealous... bas shasawii.... inshallah he behaves...i really hope he's over her.

anyways indimajt bil film..

umbay 9ij yi5ari3 il part wain ti6la3 min il tv!!!

*BEEP* (msg)

umbay 5ara3nii

6ala3t mobileee wella msg min F: "What are you up to, Shougii?"

ana brooo7i, kilman 6ali3.... a6ali3 film yi5ari3.....!"

radait 3ala and got back to my movie....

ma achoof walla 3ogob moda yirin il jaris....

hmmmm... who could it be?

As I said, I'm in my PJS! not expecting anyone....

Afta7 il bab wella ib kil thi8a .......




"Hi Shoug." He greeted me oo yi6ali3nii min foug la ta7at... shakla moo bas binfijir (he was seriously going to laugh) ..... umbay 7adii ista7ait!!

"Am I interuppting something?" Si2alnii....

"haha, chub! Shitsawee ihneee?"

"yatlich... i really miss you...." he came closer for a hug.

He's such a hug-abble person!! He squeezes so hard, his hug is like a huge bear hug... I love it!

"Miss you too...Shloon kan ilyoum?"

"Zain, they look really good together.... I'm so happy for them."

I eyed him... " You are?"

3a6anii il wurood he brought... wallah 9ar 3indii colleciton min his flowers hehhehe.....

He sighed..."Shoug ma a7ib al3ab feech.... I swear I'm all yours now.... cham mara lazim I convince you?"

"Fahad, inta matchoof shino ana achoof oo shino chift!"

"Please, mali 5ulg I argue now.... I just want to be with you."

"I don't want to argue either."

Kina lail7een wagfeen 3al baab. He peeked inside.

"Mita radeen ahlich oo il bajee?"

"Bacher... ra7aw il chalet." 6ala3t wayha oo his expression oo i3yoona to see his mood today.... he seemed to be saying the truth, he came for me.

"7ayak allah, itdish?" Sa2alta (This is the second time he comes in.... let me remind you, I'm not that type of girl. ;) )

"Eeee.... widee achoof il scary movie ma3ach... 3ashan laman it5afeen, u'll jump on me."

"Ha-ha ti7lam! Bikoon il 3aks" I winked, "Go to the TV room, I'll go change."

"La, laaa 5aleech... mabi a5arib 3alaich... shaklich 9ij mirta7a."

"Thank you, this was going to be my "lazy day""

"Hahah, 7ilwa hathii.."

"Roo7 choof il akel ba3dain ti'67ak..."

Ooo on and on we went....

we saw the movie... i just stayed in his arms... it felt SO right.

but i still felt it wasn't enough, i always have this feeling that he wants Nouf.... it doesn't go away.


"Mhhmm?" 7adi I zoned out...

"Wallah a7ibich intay.... "


"Ee, please don't worry about Nouf... I fell for you.... oo not in the rebound type of girl way.... I really love you."

"Thank you." I whispered.

part 41-A

Heey I'm on my way to the gym with my friends....
When I get back I'll post part b inshallah
Thank u all for reading ;*
Love uuu

We all want this.


wana bil sayara sa2altha shitsawii...

wi9alii minha msg: "ana brooo7i, kilman 6ali3.... a6ali3 film yi5ari3.....!"

gam at5ayal shakilha 5ayfa weemjabla hal film .... hahahah, miskeena!

tara mayloog 3alaiha ina it7eeb aflam it5ari3....

a9lan it5aaaf 3ogob matchoofhum.... bas lail7een madri laish, itmooooot 3alaihum!

wi9alt baitha... oo shilt il '3itra wa 3igal oo nizalt min il sayara...

weediii afaji2ha....

nazalt il wurood il bee'6 ma3ay... (her favorite) oo 6agait il jaras

fit7at il bab oo shakilha FILM!

sha3arha rab6ita wara oo 5i9al 6ay7a oo labsa her "geek" glasses..... oo '3air hatha labsa it3arfoon il soft ni3al ileee laaazim il banat yikoon 3induhimiya? ee? hathaa!

yatlee il '6a7ka... ya3ni i was about to laugh..... mit3awid 3ala Nouf tilbis chithii bas moo ihya.....awal mara achoofha chithi...

"Faha--aaa--ad? shitsawii ihnii?" shakilha 5afat minee akthar min il movie! hatha thanii mara azoorha ib baitha.... kila we meet outside..... bas kint lazim achoofha!

Radait 3alaiha wana a5izha min foug laman ta7at, "Hi Shoug."

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Is It Time To End This Story?

Hey readers, it's up to you, should I continue or do you think this is the end?

If I end it, I'll start another story.

However, if you want me to continue it, I'll try to keep making the story nicer.

It's in your hands.

What's your choice?

love you all and thank you all for reading

Hi, My Name Is...

And welcome back My Little Secret! Looking forward to new posts, soon. (na8za hehe) ;*