Which story is this?

Some of you asked for a description or something to show the difference between this story and other stories... because it's becoming very hard to remember....

This story is about NOUF, ALI, FAHAD, RAWAN, and SAAD....

It's the story that uses N, A, F

---Nouf and Fahad have been the closest friends since they were kids
*b/c their parents were close

--Ali's Austin Martin

Friday, May 29, 2009

part 42


Oooof oooof oooof ooof!! A7IBA A7IBA A7IBA!!!!!

Right now I'm sitting with him at his chalet that overlooks the beach... oo just imagine, imagine what he did......

jahazli picnic!

It was the sweetest thing ever!

7a6lina umbrella on the sand oo a blanket oo MIN 9IJA yayeb sala feeha akil, hehe!

"Sawaita kila ibroo7ik?!" Sa2alta.

"Wallah tabeen il 9ara7a?"

"Hehe, eee!!!"

"Ana 7a6ait il akil bil sala bas wallah omi allah yi3afeeha 6ib5atlina."

"Allaaaah!! YA7LAILHA!!!" I squeeled. I looked around on the beach, ma kan ako a7ad yet so I jumped on him and wrapped my arms around him, laughing hard.

"Hahahhaaaii! Shakilha 5a6eebti yanat!" He replied oo shayilni.. bida yamshii feenii laman il mai..

"HEYYY!! Laaaa2!!" 9ara5t oo ana a'67ak oo ma agdar atnafas.... "Heyyyy!" Bas ya3ni akeed, I was loving it oo kilish ma3indi mani3 inee a6ee7 bil mai.... AMOOT 3ala il siba7a... oo Sa3ad yi3arif inee I do.

"La la, lazim takleen awal.. ma sawait kil hatha 3ala wala shay." He calmed down oo shalne ib his arms... oo nizalna 3ind il blanket oo ga3adna nakil...

9ij ga3deen ib chalet bil kuwait.. oo kila ramil ile moo moree7 ... oo fee wayid lady bugs ...bas min 9ijee, it was SO ROMANTIC!! Wayyyyy iyanin...

3ogob ma 5ala9na, oo tara akil Khalti Sara 3ajeeeeb-ya36eeha alf 3afya, ga3adna oo solafna oo '6a7akna... I was so comfortable... Il 7amdila ya rab ina 7a9alt wa7id galba 6ayib oo 9ij 9ij ya3ni the PERFECT FIT 7age...

faj2a gam oo shalniii

oo hal mara rika'6 lai il may oo ga6nii da5il wana MAYTA min il '6i7ik...

la3abna bil may oo siba7na oo kilshay.....

oo il fikra ilee itmor ib rasii 6ool hal wagt: A7IBAAA!!!


After showering oo spending time together inside the chalet, libsana oo we went to the ba8ala....

His hand laced into mine oo his fingers outlined my hand slowly.. it was like a secret thing between the two of us.. 5alani a7is ib goosebumps oo il ibtisima itshig wayhi..

da5alna il ba8ala oo garab 3alai 3ashan manbayin ashkara... ya3ni 9ij ra7 nitzawaj bas i7na bil q8... u know how people are.

kint baroo7 9oob il ice-cream wella achoof a REALLY familiar figure... there's no way on earth I wouldn't know who it is.

Oh shoot...

this is going to be awkward...

Should we leave?

I turned to face Sa3ad but I'm absolutely sure he noticed since he tensed up a bit.

I put my arm on his hand, about to convince him that we should leave the ba8ala.

When he turned around.

Too late, he saw us!

Oh God, he looks as great as ever.

He has a healthy tan, and I could see that he was working out as his arms and legs were more muscular, and that he just shaved... wow, he looks great.

I have to admit, my heart sped up a bit at the sight of him.

He saw us and smiled his sexy smile as he approached us.

"Hallah Sa3ad, Hallah Rawan." Abdulla, my ex-fiance greeted us.


  1. oh what a wonderful reunion :P

    cant wait to read the conversation

  2. and the rest Nouf,Fahad ..
    Who is Abdullah !!! post sooon ;*

  3. WOW !
    abdallaah sounds hot bass akeed ra7 e5areb 3leeihum eb shay :P

  4. Oh my.

    & so the drama returns.

    Dum dum dum!

    Post soon,


  5. CuteandCuddly: hehe, isn't it just?! :)

    Pearla: inshallah ;)
    he is.... the guy rawan was with

    Anonymous: yeah, he is... we'll see ;)

    Starlight<3 : heheh u got DUM DUM DUM!! ;* inshallah... working on it now ;)

  6. dreamer;*: thank youu!!! ;* its adoring u!

  7. In The Name of pants: thank u ;** intay il 3ajeeba ;*

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