Which story is this?

Some of you asked for a description or something to show the difference between this story and other stories... because it's becoming very hard to remember....

This story is about NOUF, ALI, FAHAD, RAWAN, and SAAD....

It's the story that uses N, A, F

---Nouf and Fahad have been the closest friends since they were kids
*b/c their parents were close

--Ali's Austin Martin

Thursday, January 29, 2009

part 7

We all, well not all, it was either me and F, or me and A, talked for a while. Ali tried to talk to Fahad a bunch of times, but F didn't give him the time of day. However, suwalif between Ali and I were going great. We talked about everything going on for the past five years. He really grew up, imbayin 3ala, no more fooling around, no more suwalif yahil, no more teasing. I swear it's not about the looks bas 9ayer rayal! Not the Kuwaiti type of "man" ilee yil7ag il banat bisoug oo shuwari3, no, 9ayer rayal mu7taram, and I can see it's not an act. I'm liking him more and more by the second.

Ali's mother came to our table, when he saw her, he smiled. "Halla yuma," He stood up. "Shloon il ga3da ma3ach lail7een?" We already talked to her before coming to the table, she looked at me and F and smiled. A has the sweetest mom, she's so lovable, and I know she really cares about F and I. Even though F isn't talking to A, he really looks up to his mom and respects her. "Abii musa3ada ishway ma3a telephonii."

While they were talking, I nudged F on my other side, I turned to him and whispered: "Is it him?! Because if it is him, he's FREAKING HOT! O 9ayer rayaal, kubar, he's very well mannered!" F just looked at me, I continued: "Bas I know why you wouldn't tell me, because of the fight you guys went into, but that was in the past, oo i have no idea what is was about bas he's such a gentleman now!"

"Sure.." he looked down, bummed out.

"What's wrong?" I pulled hi face up, his eyes were so sad. "F?"

"Hehe, la2, walla shay." Okay this is stupid, I'm his bestest friend, I know when something is wrong.

"I'm not letting this go." I whispered.

"Ta3alay, sh9ar 3ala ur morals on guys oo not dating oo chithi? You see Ali for an hour after five years oo they're all dropped?" He was trying to be sarcastic but I can see it's not working.

"Whaaat? Who said anything about DATING?! I'm just TALKING to him! You know you should try that! He's your cousin! What's your deal?" I freaked out. I see why he's being weird, he thinks I'm going to change. "I am NOT that type of girl, a person to go crazy when she meets a hot guy. God, he's just a friend! And were you not the one to tell me to dress up as if I'm trying to impress a guy? If anything, you are the one ruining my morals. We're just friends, like you and me. Well not exactly, you are my bestest friend, but you know what I mean." I looked over at Ali who was still helping his mom, they both turned and smiled to us. He's on the same level of hotness as Fahad, I guess they have a really good gene in there somewhere. "Can you please put some effort and talk to him? Please? It's breaking my heart, you guys were really close!"

"Fine." He mumbled.

"Smile?" He gave me this huge cheesy fake one which made me laugh.

"Ya7alata, min wilda hatha?" I joked, pinching his cheeks which got me a real smile from him.

"Ha Ali, itzoorna bil jam3a?" That, surprisingly, was from Fahad. Ali turned around from his mother, faced us with a big smile on his face, "I would love to."

part 6

Fahad looked down at his hands, annoyed and flustered. Why does this voice sound familiar? I turned around to a complete hottie. This guy was way taller than me, maybe 5'7, (i'm 5'4). He wasn't goofily tall, he was actually fit for his length. He had brown hair with lighter streaks from the sun which complemented his tan. I took a step forward, looked closer and saw the most hypnotic pair of 3asaly eyes, just like F's.

Those pairs of eyes, only one other person our age other than F has them, "ALI!? is that YOU in there?!"

"Noufa, it is YOU!" His eye traveled from up to down in way that can't be misinterpreted, "Mashallah 3alaich, kbartay, mi7lawa. Sha5barich?"

"I'm great, wow, how's everything with u, it's been a long time."

F cleared his throat from behind me. Ali nodded at F and put his hand out, "Hallah shloonik?" F hesitated at first then shook his hand. What the hell's his problem!?

Ali turned back to me, "Five years is way too long to be away from you... Kila asaal Fahad 3anich." Whaaat? Fahad never brought him up. As I said, F isn't close with his mother's side's family but he and Ali were best friends. For a while, Fahad, Ali, and I would hang out as much as we can together. We were all kids so it wasn't weird and they always included me even though I was a girl. However, after the last time we hung out together, when we were thirteen, I haven't seen him that much again. Jarabt cham mara afich il maw'6oo3 ma3a F asking him what happened but he always changes the topic as quickly as he can. I hope one day I'll know what went wrong, they were like brothers.

"Come sit down, we'll catch up." I love his voice! It's so deep. We got to the tables, salamna 3ala ahil F, then took an empty table for the three of us.

I was going to sit down when I heard, "Let me," Ali pulled out my chair for me while F rushed at the same time to do it.

"Sorry." Mumbled Ali... Awkward!

He waited until F pushed my chair in and sat down then sat next to me on my other side.

"So, how's life?" He asked, giving me an adorable smile.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

part 5 continued

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"Latsawii roo7ik nasii! Who is the guy you were talking about ib Avenues?" I glared at him. He look hurt.

"N," he paused, "Sim3ay, I need to tell you something.." he paused again and his face suddenly became serious; uh-oh what is it? I rotated my body to face him again showing him he has my full attention. He looked as if he was about to say something when I heard someone call from behind, "Nouffaaa, is that you?!"

this was the continuation of the last one, it's not part 6... itha u want me to join up the two, tell me, I just didn't want to confuse you. ;)

part 5

When we got to his house, we greeted his parents and my parents who were talking in the kitchen and then went outside to the garden.
I really love his garden, it makes me feel as though I'm in a rain forest, in another world, it's a great escape. You see, his garden is filled with grass, plants, flowers, trees etc... It smells amazing! It smells like him. Other than the plants, his parent built a soccer field on one side and a swimming pool on another. The swimming pool is my absolute favorite spot. Not only does the grass surround it from every side, it also has a beautiful waterfall running into it and a slide from the shallow end. I'm a sucker for waterfalls.

"I feel like diving into the water right now."

"Eh eh, me too, bas la N, lazim we behave il7een." He pointed to his cousins sitting on tables. Ah, yes, the cousins we don't know that well. F is really really close with his cousins from his father's side but his cousins from his mother side, not so much.

"You remember a5ir mara chifnahum kilhum!?" I asked him, smiling.

"Ee, oola tadreen 9aar 5 years!"

"La! Kina 13?!" Wow has it been that far back?

"E! Oola!"

"Atthakar ithawasht ma3a wa7id, Ali, 9a7? Kan yit7arash feenii." He became a bit tense at that moment. Wow, I didn't realise he still got mad at this after five years, we were yahaloo for heaven's sake! He looked at my confused expression and calmed down a bit. "Binchoofa ilyoum?"

"Madri." He said queitly and then mumbled something.


"Shino?" He looked at me, innocently.

"Gilt shay?"

"La2." What the heck is his problem? We were having fun five minutes ago! I guess it's time for a change in topic, and I have just the one in mind.

"F," He turned his body so he was facing me, directly. I paused, staring into his stunning eyes, tana7t fee, why does he do this to me?

"N? Alooooo?"

"Huh? Ah, kint agool shay 9a7?"

"Hehe, ee, bas makamaltay." I moved my eyes away from his face, I needed a distraction. My eyes landing on his jaw, uh-oh bad idea, move your eyes away from his jaw, N.

I turned my body away from him as soon as I remembered what I wanted to say. I glanced at his family, "Which one is he?"


"The guy I got all dressed up for?"

"Huh?" He acted innocent, he really looked confused.

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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Part 4: Dedicated to Pampers :)

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I checked my watch, it was 5:45, we have to be at his family's house at 6:30.

"Fahad, yamdii in9awer?"

"Akeed, haw, il bait yamna."

"Ok, wain bin9awir ilyoum?" We always take pictures in different places depending on my clothes and his mood.

"Ana agool nitmasha 3al mamsha oo nit9awer, a7la shay ma3a il sunset, yi6ali3 the beautiful brown streaks in your hear."

"Wanasa, yallah." We went outside and as always, I'd act natural yet pose whenever and however he wanted me to. As usual, he wouldn't let me see the pictures until he's done taking all of them; but I don't mind, his photos are AMAZING!

We walked around the neighborhood in circles just laughing, talking, goofing around; he took a picture every time I laughed and smiled, akh! I want to see them so badly!

Time passed by so fast, the next thing I know it's 6:30. "Fahood, tara lazim inroo7 il7een!"

"7adich geek! Kila it7eebeen itroo7een on time!" he teased.

"Chub, yalla ta3al, show me the pictures on the way. I'm dying to see them!"

He handed the camera to me and watched me nervously.

"F, seriously, wow!" Every picture looks better than the other. In the closeups, he showed my makeup and my hair glowed; in the ones that are zoomed out, he captured the light perfectly and shot it so my body interacted with background, "Wow." There were photos of me laughing my real laugh, and the happiness I felt showed in the pictures. It wasn't the fact that they were pictures of me, it was just the way he captured them, especially with the sunset. They were really beautiful. "Wow." By each photo, I got even more amazed.

"Mashkoora" He whispered quietly. I looked over at him, he was looking down.

Aww he's such a cutie!

"Come on tortured artist." I said as I linked arms with him.

Winter Flowers by *Marinshe on deviantART

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Monday, January 26, 2009

part 3

We went back to my house to get ready. He lives four houses down so we can leave whenever we want to.

"Hi 5alti" he greeted my mom.

"Hi yuma" I went over to give her a kiss. She was sitting on the couch watching TV, I sat next to her while F sat on the other side of her.

"Hala, shloon il jam3a ma3akum? o did you find anything in Avenues?" Both my parents are like friends to F and I; we tell them everything. We talked with her for half an hour about our day.

"A5af imsaween shay min waray?" she commented about the lady in Avenues while laughing.

"La, la uma lat5afeen"

"Walla tara zain itsawee feekum!" aw, my mom. :) "yallah, goomaw itjahizaw 7ag il laila."

"Ok, bye; yallah Fhaid goom."

We went to my room and he took out his camera, "Photoshoot time!"

"La, plz, moo il7een, albis oo atjahaz oo ba3dain." I love his photos! He's an incredible portrait photographer.

"Okay, yallah lat6awleen. Basta3mil il computer okay?"

I showered and dressed in my bathroom as quick as I can. As soon as I opened the door, the scent of strawberry shampoo I used filled my room.

"Mmmm, allah, 7ilwa il ree7a! Widee aklich." Silly F, hehehe.

"Aw, hehe, thank u, gi6lee my makeup bag plz." He took it out of my white Balenciaga bag and threw it to me.

"Ibsir3a itsaba7tay o libastay, hal kither mistansa 3ala il laila?"

"La yal 5ibil, 3ashan il photoshoot!" I said with a big smile on my face.

"3afya 3al shaa6ra."

I went to the bathroom, put on my eyeliner, mascara, lipgloss, and blush, wore my heels, and curled my hair.

"Good enough?"

"Raawrr, mino hathii il 7ilwa? Can I have yo numba?" Referring to the youtube video we saw.

"Hehehehehehe!" I blushed like crazy.

He came up to me and covered my cheek with his hand. "Did you put something on your cheeks walah i7marartay?"

"Ya 7maaar! Hehehehehe!"

"Ha? Tistansain 3ala my comments achoof?" He's having so much fun with this; for some reason he's becoming excited, shisalfa?


"Ya 7abibtiii shaklich iyanin! O you know how to work that dress with your beautiful curves." Oh my God, I can feel my cheeks becoming redder and redder, doesn't he know how he affects me?! Of course he doesn't!

"Hehehhehehh! Chub Fahad, bas!"

"Hal ibtisama maku 3alaiha, hehe, yallah let's go take pictures."


Saturday, January 24, 2009

Part 2: In Avenues

"How about this one?"

"La2, it's too long."

"What do you mean too long! Waaai F, we've been over this a million times! This reaches right above my knees, it's not too long."

"Yallah 3ad! What would you wear ya3ni if you were trying to impress a guy?" Hah! He slipped.


"Wala shay zain." he mumbled.

"latgoolii you're making me go shopping in ten million different stores 3ashan ra7 'it'6abi6ni' with a guy I'm not even going to date!"

"5ala9, insay." his face became completely red, poor guy, busted!

"Mino hatha ilee kint bit7i6nii ma3a?"

"La, ma7ad."





"Ma ra7 itgoolii ha?! 5ala9 ana baktishif 7ag nafsi il laila!" in your face F. "AND I'm getting this beautiful LONG Chloe dress and wearing it tonight."

"5ala9 3ala ra7tich, yallah 5anroo7."

"Shfeek za3alt?" He looked really bummed out, I don't get what the problem is ya3ni 7afi'6 my closet and everything in it, we could've just taken something from there. Other than that, this guy hates shopping; he would come with me and we would have fun but he hates looking at dresses after dresses after dresses, who in the world is he trying to set me up with?!

He started laughing and his expressions turned back to normal, "Lat 5afeen ma za3alt." he winked. "Bas kint abeech you look good in front of my family, and girls like to dress up to look good in front of guy."

Uh-huh, I"m not buying that big guy, he knows me better than that; he knows I love to dress up for the sake of dressing up. Oh well, I'll let this slide.

6ila3na min Chloe arm in arm, oo 7a9alna the dirtiest looks ever min il nas. At one point wa7da yat galatlina, "Ma tisti7oon 3ala weyuhkum?! laish titmashoon chithi? I7na musleemeen ib dawla 3arabia, ma 3indina ha suwalif!" Oh my God, F and I looked at each other, shakilna binmoot min il '6i7ik. She saw our faces, grabbed onto her kids tighter and walked away.

"HAHAHHAHAAHHA" We held on to each other, laughing our butts off. 5azna cham wa7id bas whatever we didn't care.

"That was hilarious!" F was really enjoying this.

"Oof 7adaa! Yala yal ahbal 5al nirja3 il bait, abii atjahaz 7ag il laila mo bagi shay."

"Shitsaween itha asheelich ihnii nafs ilyoum?"

I punched him in the arm.

"A7! What was that for?"

"That, my friend was 7ag carrying me today like that in front of the people while I was wearing a dress!" and stuck my tongue out at him.

"Soorryy." He gave me his puppy eyes, he doesn't even know the effect they have on me! Aww his manly face was so adorable while doing puppy eyes.

I gave him a kiss on the cheek, getting more dirty stares, ugh. "Yallah ta3al, let's go."

Friday, January 23, 2009

My Profile Picture

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Part 1

I stared right into his eyes, his beautiful 3asaly eyes.


Oops, big mistake; if there's one thing I've learned from my parents, it's to never rebel.

"AHHH NAZILNI!! pleaaaaase!" I was wearing a dress for Heaven's sake! But of coarse, as always, F didn't mind. We grew up together, he's my bestest friend until last year when I started noticing him in a different way on his seventeenth birthday. I got him the most perfect present for him, a Canon camera he's been eyeing since forever. And I swear that gift was given to him from friend to friend but when we were celebrating with all our friends and my other bestest friend commented that F "9ayer 7ilo!", well, I haven't seen him as okay looking. Kill me if you want to but I now admit, the guy's freaking hot! Bas akeed I didn't act on it or anything, I mean first of all, wayn ga3deen?! Second of all, my parents aren't keen on me being "friends" with guys let alone date them. They only approved of F because his parents are my parent's closest friends.

Right now he's carrying me across the parking lot laughing his butt off, widee athba7a!
"F, tara itha ma la7a'6t ana ibnaya!"

"la wallaa, 7ilfay!"

"ya3nii labsa nafnouf! nazilnii!" akeed I wasn't mad, ya3ni it's F, he kept on laughing.

"yalla wi9alna." Oof a5eeran, he put me down and opened the door for me, what a gentleman, ha ha.

"dishay oo 9ikay i7zamich"

"fine! bas ma a9adig inik ur making me go shopping for this stupid party!"

"lazim tilbiseen shay 7ilo! kil my family yayeen... oo u know how they are!"

me, myself and my L by *renefunk on deviantART