Which story is this?

Some of you asked for a description or something to show the difference between this story and other stories... because it's becoming very hard to remember....

This story is about NOUF, ALI, FAHAD, RAWAN, and SAAD....

It's the story that uses N, A, F

---Nouf and Fahad have been the closest friends since they were kids
*b/c their parents were close

--Ali's Austin Martin

Monday, April 20, 2009

part 40-B

btw part 40-A was before this.. just for who haven't read it. ;)


Bidoon la afakir, ibtisamt....I was completly dazed and mesmerized!

jadamlii akthar.....

this is it...!!!

I shut my eyes oo 7asait the touch of his lips.... oo my mind 3alag! I forgot everything else!!

it was the most earth shattering mind blowing kiss ever.... ya rab.... shino hatha il first kiss!!

Oo I wasn't doing anything wrong.. 9a7? Ya3nii I was practically married to him... engaged, okay, bas ya3ni... you catch my drift....

I smiled and opened my eyes, oo his lips were smiling too.....


He laughed... oh God, kan 7ada igriib oo 9oot '6a7kita min igreeb 5alanii widee a8fiz 3alai! hehehe

"Ityanineen." Galii oo ohwa yiwa5ir sha3ra min wayhi ma3a his finger.

"Mmm..." Ya3nii 9ij I couldn't respond!! 9a6alt...!

"Hehehhehe..." He came closer and kissed me again which was even better than the first kiss... no I'm just kidding, nothing will top that one...

Faj2a I started blushing, 7aiiil...

this is too much for me... "Okay Sa3ad, kafii... that's all you're getting." I teased him, bista 3ala 5ada mara thanya oo I stepped back trying to recollect myself....

What is this spell he cast has on me? I'm completly and utterly in love!!

part 40 dedicated to Starlight

This dedicated to you... ;) :D from a guy's point of view... bas don't tell me if I didn't warn you if it doesn't sound like a guy is talking..hhehehh. ;)
I loved your comment, it made me laugh.
I REALLY hope you find that guy... and as soon as you do, tell me. ;***
hehe :)

love you all....
hope you're enjoying the story so far.. :)
Hi, My Name Is...



Rawan ityaninii.... I swear itha jasatnii aw basatnii ON THE CHEEK ba3ad mara, ra7 ayin!

Bas ma agdar..... ya3nii she's perfect oo ityaniin oo she looks so beautiful right now.

Mita ra7 nitzawaj 3ashan itboosiinii 9ij?" si2altha.... oo ana min 9ijii..

jarabt a3arif shino yimer feeha min i3yoonha ma agdar!!!... '6i7kat oo i5dooda 9araw 7umar.... wideeee a5ethum!! Bas 5ala9! umbay ma agdar asta7mil!

Galat shay 3an il mood bas ma atthakar shino.... ya rab.... shino hal jamal.... ma gidart asheel i3yoonii minha

ma a9adig inee batzwajha.... mita ya rab mita?

Si2latnii 3an il akil oo chinii ga6ait nikta 3ashan '6i7akat.... bas mithil ma gilt ma athakir....

Rawan it5aleeniii ansa nafsee oo shino 7awalaaineee...

Wayiha garab 3alai.... o 7asait bara6imha 3ala 5ade.... mara thanya.....

la2 la2 Rawan....... shitsaweeen.....

bas 5ala9, i'm going in!!

gi'6abt eedha 7ayl oo talatha 3indii..... wayiha ta7t wayhiii ....

insi7art ib i3yoonhaa....


"Mmmm..." Radat oo imbayin inha mo mistaw3eeba oo a3arif il i7saas.... 3ala goolat-ha mara galatliii shigooloon il banat? mesmirisesised? shay chithii bas hatha ilee a7isa....


garabt wayhii 3ala wayiha ......... oo ana mayit min il 5oof.... mabii a'3a9ibha... tawnii ala7i'6...

bas chiftha tibtisim.... hal ibtisama ilee it5aleeeni ayiiin akthar oo 3araft inha tabee....

nazalt rasiii akthar

and i went for it.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

part 39


The doorbell rang...

My dad opened it....

My mom, Rawan, and I waited patiently in the living ro

My stomach fluttering, my heart pounding, my nervousness increasing...

Rawan squeezed my hand....

"Il salam 3alaikum." I heard the sexiest, deepest voice ever say, soon to be my husband's.

"3alaikum il salam, tafa'6alaw." My dad replied oo I can hear from his voice that he was smiling which made me smile too.

The first face I saw was Ali and I smiled automatically.

My stomach kept on fluttering but my heart calmed down.

He smiled back, his teeth nice and white. He had a beautiful smile. He never removed his eyes from me. He looked so handsome! He was wearing a dishdasha, nice and clean and white (it made his teeth seem whiter), oo his '3itra and 3igal oo he shaved.... he looked so dreamy.... i couldn't believe he was going to be mine!

"Il salam 3alaikum." He greeted us all, but his eyes remained on me, I blushed.

"3alaikum il salam, shloonik Ali?" My mom replied oo Ali seemed very reluctant to remove his gaze but did turn to face my mother.

Umbay il jaw moo 6abi3ee... it's very formal... we're never like this around each other... but I love it... it makes everything seem so real.

Everyone sat down.

Fahad sat next to me, Rawan on the other side. After ten minutes Ali came over, his eyes showing he's up to no good.

Mad eedaa "Nouf ta3alay, 5ansoolif." He smiled...

The whole room was quiet, I cringed crazily...

"hehe, okay."

Fashlaaaaa!! Jidam all the adults 7a6ait eedii ib eeda oo i walked with him to the other side of the room.

We sat down and talked oo gradually the whole room was back to normal and talking again.

They stayed for about two hours.

When Ali walked by me to leave, I swear I heard him say "I love you."

Bas it felt like the wind, just a small thing passing by.... but ahhh amoot 3alaiii!!

Everyone left and I went to bed.

"I LOVE YOU ;****" I sent a msg to Ali.

I went to bed because I was exhausted, it was such a long day.

ANA MA56OOBA!!! I squeeled to myself and fell asleep.



I left Nouf's house after I saw her asleep on the bed... Shakilha moo bas yishawig!! She was SMILING while sleeping! She looked like an angel.

My parents imsafreen fa laman rija3t il bait oo chift il bab kan maftoo7 3abali radaw as a surprise bidoon laigooloonlii....

Oo I missed them so very much... fita7t il bab oo da5alt expecting them..

I stepped into the 9alah...

wella shino?

I see CANDLES.... CANDLES!!! all over the living room ooo they smelled so good!
oo i smelled shay '3air candles.... my stomach growled....

is that food i smell?!


7asait ib a7ad's arms around me, oo the most heart melting voice ever, "Ishtagtlich."


Iltafat 3alai oo I wrapped my arms around his neck.... wana afakir min wain 6ila3tliiii ya 7ilo?

his face was glowing oo 6al3een shi3oor around his lips (he hasn't shaved in two days) that looked so sexy. I gave him a kiss on the cheek.....

"Mita ra7 nitzawaj 3ashan itboosiinii 9ij?" Si2alnii.. which made me laugh..

"Chub Sa3ad.. you're ruining the mood!! Hehheeheh..."

"Ya intay ma3a il mood."

He nudged my nose with his nose.

"Yallah ta3aly , let's eat..."

"Mmmm... latgooliii inta 6iba5ta?"

"Chef Sa3ad, at your service!" He said with a goofy grin.....


I gave him another kiss on the cheek....

Misak eedii oo yawadnii 7ayl oo lafnii so i was facing him again... his body millimeters away from mine... he looked deep into my eyes for what seemed like forever...

"Rawan?" Sasarlii...


He came closer....

Should I or shouldn't I?

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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

part 38


Breathe Nouf, breathe Nouf, breathe.... I kept repeating to myself when Fahad left....

After sleeping and getting up and thinking about him and showering la7a'6t inee i'm in a really good place right now.... and so is everyone else... oo everyone is just so optimistic and happy.....

so i'm glad for Fahad....


I sent him a msg: "ALI WAINIK? ABEEK TIYEE!!"

rad 3ali..... "intay a9lan labsa?.... ana lail7een moo imjahiz my dishdasha!!"

"Shino.. come ASAP!! i'm in my clothes and makeup.... i can't take it any longer!!" ba3athtla.... when in reality I was only in a robe since I just finished showering and my hair was still wet...

"Nouf... ha! itgi9een 3alai? tara ana a3arfich.. by now ur probably not even anywhere next to ur clothes.."

"true.:( but i want to see youu.."

"Mo akthar minee... i love you Nouf, oo I can't wait to see you as my bride;* "

";**************" radait 3alai....

Oo ba3dain yat Rawan oo kalmana sa3ad 3ala ma sawat sha3rii oo chithii oo she looked FABULOUS.....


it's finally 7:25!!! my family and I are all ready .... more than ready... come on come on...

they'll be here in 5 minutes!!!

2 msgs recieved:

from Fahad:
"We're on the way, Ali mitwatir.. lazim itchoofeena! you better be nice to him ;p"

from Ali:
*We're almost there ;***"


part 37


Libast oo itjahazt oo ri7t 3ind Nouf....

kanat tawha mitsab7a oo imbayin inha bachya....

kilish mo wagta Noufiiii.

"Noufff shfeech?"

"Wayid imbayin?"

6ala3tha chinee I'm thinking... bas ma kan yabeela thinking.... "Umm.... eee.."

"Ahh... bas kan Fahad.. oo it's exhausting mali 5ulg I go through what went again....."

"Bas everything's okay?"

"Ee.... eee.... I'm just so happy." Ibtasmat ibtisma shaga il wayh.. she was glowing even through her tired eyes.

"7amdillaaa!" '6i7akt... "Yallah 5al a3adlich...."

6ali3atnii faj2a oo she whisteled, "Woot woot, someone's looking hot! Lat9eekeen 3alai il laila a5af ba3ad Ali yihidni wiyroo7lich!"

Ibtisamt, "Haha, lat5afeen... ana already mash'3oola ma3a Sa3ad...." Waiii bas isma sends butterflies to his stomach, amoot 3alai!

just today when i went home he sent me a msg: "pleaaaaase gooliileee ina Nouf ra7 titzawaj...oo inha ra7 tin5i6ibb..... yallah abii achoofich.... oo nouf ba3ad... bas intay akeed akthar... yallah 3ad Rawaaaaan ma asta7mil......"


(My phone)

7abibiiiii came on the screen...

"Halla yal boring," I winked to Nouf.... she smiled and giggled.

"Ana il boring? Ba3amil ma3ach ba3dain.... 3a6eeni Nouf il7een bakalimha...."

3a6aitha il mobile oo her face became serious madri shino galaha... 3ogob muda 6weela chan tibtisim her hundred wat smile oo ba3dain a3a6tinii il mobile..

"Ya7laila!" She mouthed.

"Aloo?" Radait 3ala bil telephone.

"Haaay wain ra7at Nouf, ma 5ala9t.... oo make sure you don't put this on loudspeaker... a3arif suwalifkum tara!"

"hahha.... okay." I replied as I clicked loudspeaker.

"Nouf?" 9oo6ta came through, "are you on loudspeaker?"

"No..." Radat 3alai.... good girl :)

"Okay Nouf, ma 5ala9t..... i gave u a speech on marriage on guys oo baraktlich bas il7een abii minich shay...."


"ABEECH . ITRIDEENLI. RAWAN. FAHMA?! i can't take it any longer!"

Ihnii ana oo Nouf burst out laughing and giggling.

"I KNEW i was on loudspeaker...." he whined.... "ohhh man... oh well...chiftay ishkithir a7ibich ya rawan?"

solafna ma3a as I did Nouf's hair and makeup and covered her puffy eyes.... he knows how to make anyone feel better....

I love him so FREAKING much.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

part 36... Congrats Shoug! ;)

SORRY wallah sorry I didn't post for SO LONG!!! ahhh....
so many things happened bas the thing you'd most be interested in is the story....

so first of all:
Nora, heheh you got my hands back in action.... i'm typing, wallah i'm sorry

second of all:
Shoug, CONGRATS! You're the new character;)

Ga3adna 3ala frashii oo he kept rubbing my back to calm me down...

"Are you ready? Tismee3eenlii?" He asked.


"Isimha Shoug."

His girl has a name..... Shoug.... Shoug.... Shoug....

I'm trying to imagine her but nothing comes to mind.... I just want her to be bad and ugly...
but of course I remembered, this is Fahad.... he deserves the best...



"Okay.... oo ba3dain...."

"Umm... choofay Nouf, I was in love with you for the longest time ever.... bas a couple of weeks after we all decided to be friends, I got to know Shoug..... oo min il bidiya she was one of the GREATEST people I've ever met...." He smiled, "Ya3nii wallah Nouf, it'6a7ik oo itwanis oo she's very carefeee..... oo down to earth...... oo 7adha ti9la7 itkoon rifeejtij..... i know i know you'll love her."

"You dated?"

"Not at first.... wella il7een.... at first kina bas insoolif 5arabee6 small talk... it3araft 3alaiha min Sa3ood.... ihya i5ta... oo itmoot 3ala il kora mithli.... oo ga3adna suwalif..... oo il marat ilee 3ogba kint achoofha wayid amakin ma3a u5ooha..... ba3dain shway shway, bidait a7ibha... ooo..." sikat...


"Ya3ni I got over you, somehow....." Nazal rasa embarrased.

"Oo il7een intaw shino..?"

"Il7een abii a56ibha?"


"Intay il wa7eeda ilee it3arfeen...."

I was shocked, I mean he knew her for two years.... but stilll.......

"Abeech tit3arifain 3alaiha.... 3ala shaaniiii?"

"Umm... okay?"


"Okay." I replied with hesitation.

He smiled.

"Kint itwa9ilha tawa?"

"Ee." Rad 3alai 9oot wa6i....


"Nouf, you have to let me go....why can't you just be happy for me?!"

I felt really bad, he is right! I can't be jealous and overprotective of him nowww..... bas I can't just let him go....

"I want to be happy for you.... I AM happy for you..... inta 3adii 3indik il 5i6ba ilyoum... abeek itkoon ihnii..."

"EE akeeed... cham noufa ana 3indii? Mithlich ya3ni?" He stuck out his tongue...

"I'm sorry inee 9ayra wayid selfish....."


"ya3nii i need you fahad.. madrii..."

"Nouf, 5ala9 may9eer til3ibeen feenii ana oo ali.... oo ali wayid wayid wayid yi7ibich! oo i can't handle hal drama ba3ad!"

"I know, i know. tara lat chik feeni.... ana 7adii jahza atzawaj 3ali..."

"Adree... wayid imbayin 3alaich Noufa.. oo ana agool 7ag ali inee ayee ma3a." He winked.

"Thank you....for everything.... oo ma tadree how sorry I am for everything." Ya3nii I really was.... oo i finally felt at peace oo ready for ali.....

"Yallah ana batrik.... bachoof 7alat ali.... tamreen ib shay?"

"la mashkoor.... Fahad, thank you... oo i love you..."

"you too 7ayatii... oo i'm happy for you, really... mabrook." He kissed my forehead and left.

Bye Fahad.