Which story is this?

Some of you asked for a description or something to show the difference between this story and other stories... because it's becoming very hard to remember....

This story is about NOUF, ALI, FAHAD, RAWAN, and SAAD....

It's the story that uses N, A, F

---Nouf and Fahad have been the closest friends since they were kids
*b/c their parents were close

--Ali's Austin Martin

Friday, March 27, 2009

part 35 dedicated to SlouchyPants ;* my new first hehe


Five minutes later..

I paced around the room, waiting.

I was so nervous.... what was I going to say?

10 minutes later....

where is he?

18 minutes later....
ati9il 3alai?

19 minutes later...

*Dialing F's #*


"Fahad, wainiiik? Your house isn't that far, humph."

"Kani I'm on my way..."

"Min wain yay? Su3udiya?!"

"La2 nouf." He sighed, "Kint awa9il a7ad."

a7ad....= his girl again?

"Please be here soon!"

I heard the door downstairs shut and steps coming up, Fahad still didn't reply... I checked my phone, the conversation was still open.

"Fahad... aloooo?"

"Kani I'm here." He opened the door of my room, smiling, the phone against his ear.

I looked at him, sighing, my heart melting... I still do love him, I really do.. he's Fahad. I smiled, I can't help it, he's Fahad.

"Sima3t ina 3ali biyee ilyoum, mabrook." He smiled politley.

and that's when I snapped.

"Fahad you have NO right to be like that!!!"

"Be like what?!"

"Polite and awkward oo chithi!!! You know what I mean....!!! AFTER ALL YOU ALREADY FELL IN LOVE WITH SOMEONE ELSE!!!"



"La2, Nouf, shino.... allah yi3afeech kamlay..."

I stayed silent.

He sighed.

"Nouf, I'm sorry." He replied, "I've been wanting to tell you forever."


"You're getting married ya3ni shino bihim? You chose 3ali!! You thought I'm going to wait for you laman I knew you already made up your mind TWO YEARS AGO?"

I felt a tear drop to my face.

"That's not true.... " My voice cracked, "I didn't choose for sure two years ago..." I replied..

But deep down,
I knew he was right....

I was sure right after my mom told me that Ali was a better fit, that I wanted him.

Fahad garab and wiped a tear from my face.

He's my best friend, how can he hurt me like that?!

I'm his best friend, how CAN I!? hurt HIM like that?

I went back to that day with my conversation with my mom and remembered all the events after that....

Oh My God.


What did I do?

"Oh my God!!! Fahad, I'm so sorry!!"

"It's okay..."

"Nouf, you were in love, you still are.... you're not responsible for your actions.. bas what you did bayan ina 5ala9, you belong with Ali!!"

I remembered the times Fahad called me oo I was always, always with Ali.... Fahad was still coming over daily but Ali was almost always there...

I remembered I promised him....

I sat down with him and PROMISED him that I'll be there with him on his sister's birthday and the day she died yearly after I found out about where he goes to see her.

Although I did stay with him on her birthday, I completly forgot before and made plans with Ali that took place in the morning.... He surprised me with letting me drive his car that day....

I remembered at FOUR PM that it's F's sister's birthday, our role model's birthday!!! and I rushed to him.

And the same went on with his sister's wifat day.....

Oh My God!!!!!!


and these things were tiny compared to all the rest I did to Fahad.

Tears started rushing down my face, "I'm so sorry Fahad, I really am!" I cried so hard and felt his arms wrap around me....

"Nouf, calm down..... It's okay.... it wasn't really, ya3ni I did needed you but I understand.... I fell in love too, 5al agoolich 3anha... I know you'll like her."

Saturday, March 21, 2009

7aflat Rashid Il Majid

Il laila il 7aflaaaaaa!!! wa a5eeran!!!

7addiii 7adii mistansa bas lail7een ma 6ila3t!!! ;/

As soon as I post this, ba6la3....

Bas b'3ait agoolookum 3ashan I'm soo looking forward to it...

Oo ba3ad kint bagoolookum ineee 7adii istnast ib the other two 7aflat...

Bas 5ala9 gam akarir nafsiiiii

il7eeen i have to go....

minooo fikum rayiii7??

maybe i'll see you there! hehehe


--Hi My Name Is...

Thursday, March 19, 2009

part 34 dedicated to Pa7NaSS


I was frozen in my place, I was scared, I wasn't ready....

oo all of a sudden Fahad popped into my head.

Fahad, my best friend!!! The person I've been through everything with!!!

Why isn't he letting me in his life now?

Ooo I realized, I needed him right now... he's the only one that would calm me down...

I wiped the tears off my face and dialed his number....I honestly didn't think he would answer but thankfully he did

"Hala Fahad, shloonik?"

Rawan re-entered the room, she looked kind of nervous... did she think I'm backing off Ali?

No way am I going to do that... I finally got him, no way am I leaving him! I smiled to her as if to reassure her I'm not doing anything wrong.

"Sh3indik il7een?"

"Mmmm?" He seemed occupied.. as if he wasn't paying attention...

"Fahaaaaaaadd! Shitsawii! HEhehhehehehhe!" I heard a girl screeching in the background.

His girl?

My heart fell to my stomach.

"Um Fahad?"

"Ana ihni Nouf.. heheeh" He was laughing... with me or her?

"I need to see you... can you come soon?"

"How soon? I'm kinda busy right now."

"Fahad, please."

"I'll be there in half an hour."

I clicked end call.... I felt like my best friend was miles away... I felt as though we lost our connection.... but nothing changed, we were as close as ever... or so I thought....

I'm not jealous of the girl... maybe I am a bit since for a while I was madly in love with F.

But Ali is the man for me. Everytime I remember him, I smile.

But I'm just sad that he didn't tell me about his "girl"....

I needed a one on one talk with him.

La7a'6t Rawan was in the room, she approached me, "Are you okay?"

"Yeah, yeah... bas I need to see Fahad, this day is so important."

"I know," she smiled, "oo btw!! A's parents called your today morning sooooooo you're all good to go! Your mother jahizat everything.... Il7een as soon as your done with Fahad, lazim titsabi7ain oo titjahizain, fahma?"

Ya7laillhaa!! Organizing my time!! :)

Bidait afakir if she was this way youm it8adamlaha Sa3ad... kint ma3aha bas it didn't happen overnight as mine was going to bas I do remember her telling me she was scared but she was really ready.

Ooo Sa3ad mooo bas the best guy on the planet, he's the best guy for her!

Oo that's the way I feel about Ali.

"Inshallah." I replied.

"Yallah ana baroo7 il bait atjahaz oo bayeelich ba3ad sa3tain oo shay, okay?"

"Okay, mashkoora wayiiiiidd!!! I love youuuuu!!!" I really, truly do.... she's my other half other than F of course.

"I love you toooo oo 7adii mistansa 3alaichhh!!!" She replied and hugged me tightly. "Au Revoir!"

part 33: dedicated to Finicky hehehe

7adii 7addi asfa 3al ta25eer.... wayid wayid 7oosa these days!! il muhim.... i'll continue now ... love you all ;*** ---------------------------------------------------------------------------


Gimt bil '6ihur the next day oo my mind was blank,

until I remembered.

Ali, ilyouuum, biyeee.... yi56ibniiii....

A smile invaded my face, I was so excited!!! Ahhhhh!!

Bas wana bil 7amam afarish asnani la7a'6t inee nisait shay....


shino kint basawii ib mikyajiii?!

ib sha3riiiii?!

la2 la2 la2! I don't have time!!


I dropped my toothbrush, quickly rinsed my mouth oo ran out to Rawan.

"Rawan, wake up, wake up!!! Emergency!"

"Ha? haa..?" She replied sleepily, "ish9aar?"


This caught her attention... she's been through this, she knows what it's like she knows what to do... She got up immediatly oo asked, "What time is it?"

"2:35" I replied.

"What time are they coming?"

"Oh my God, Rawan madriii!! 7atan ma gilt 7ag my parents ina biyoon ilyoum!!!" I gasped.

"Calm down, calm down. Let's tell your mother now."

I felt a tear drop on my face, I've made a mistake. I should've taken my time, I should've given my parents time---3ala il a8al i should've given my dad time, he just found out yesterday.

Rawan looked at me, her lips moved but I wasn't hearing, she then left the room.



Umbay she was freaking out, she shouldn't be crying on the day the person she loves bit8adamlaha!!!

I told her to calm down oo that I'm going to talk to her parents now, bas it was like I was talking to an empty page, she didn't reply, I told her I'll be right back just incase she's listening.

Oo I walked down the stairs to the dining room, mmmmm, il akal smells good!
6albeen Maki ilyoum, yyyyyummm....

"9aba7 il 5air." I greeted her parents.

They were smiling oo their faces were glowing.

"5ala9 il 9ub7 7abibtii." Her mother replied while laughing and started to speak, so I thought it best for me to shut up and act as if I was listening while I was trying to figure out ib mu5ii shinsawii... until i heard, "...Ali oo ahla..."

"Na3am 5alti?!"

She smiled proudly, "Ilyoum yaaai Ali yit8adam 3ala Noufatna!"


I ran over and hugged the mother, "Ashwa 3ayal!! 3ashan Nouf is freaking out.... ams kalimta oo galaha ina he's coming today bas she thought it was too soooon oo madrii ish9ar feeha.. shock aw shay, ityamidat!"

"Mita midaha iti9il 3ala 3ali?" N's father asked which made me giggle nervously.

"Gawamna min il noum." I replied oo ana miftashla....

"Ahhh 9ij 9ij mu9a7yeeen... shal zawaaj hatha bikoon... ya3nii killish 3aks il naas! Ana bas ba3arif il nas shigooloon 3ana?!" He laughed.

My heart was set at ease, they were so happy.... Good news good news, il7amdilla.

So I discussed our dilemna about the clothes and makeup oo 5altii said she already got everything ready since buAli called N's dad in the morning oo she knew ana oo Nouf won't wake up till late in the afternoon after the excitment yesterday so she perpared everything..

Aren't they the greatest parents or what?!

I ran up to the room to tell Nouf bas as I was approaching I heard her talking saying, "Hiiii Fahad, how are you todayy?"

Oh nooooo, she's going to find about the girrrll!!!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

part 32


I looked at the expression on her face, it kept on changing as though she was struggling on the inside, ma tadri shitfakir....

"Um, dating?"


"Since when?"

"I don't know..." I whispered, well, I did but she doesn't have to know....

"Okay, this is perfect, I guess!" She smiled 3ogob muda.


"Bas I wanna know more!" Uh-oh.....

"I think you should probably call Fahad." After all, ana chakaytay making out with the girl, it's not like he told me! Well, okay I have to be fair, not making out in public, but he was kissing her neck... ya3nii, really close to making out....

But they did look really cute together!



"I wanna know more!" Radait 3alaiha.... how come ma galii shay? Akeed it's something new, right?

"You should probably call Fahad."

"Yeah, you're right..." Mino ihya? I started to wonder.

It finally hit me...

OH MY GOD, what if I choose Fahad?

I thought of my feelings towards Ali and just the thought of him not feeling the same way would crush me into one thousand pieces...

umbay if I choose Fahad, and felt this kind of love toward him that's exactly what would've happend, right?

A lump started to form in my throat as I remembered how close I was to choosing Fahad.

I dailed F's number oo Rawan started recording a video again.

He took a longer time than Ali to answer but he sounded more awake, "Nouf, are you guys okay?!?!"

"Good morning sunshine!" I greeted him to make him know we're okay.

"Sunshine? You know it's four thirty in the morning! Are you on something? 5ara3teenii!"

"We're all good....actually we're great..." I replied while trying to swallow the lump, I guess he'll be fine now so I'll just say it, "Fahad, fakart fee muda 6weela, over the years oo il7een I made my decision."

"Ah." He stopped me, "Tabeen Ali?"


"Bil baraka Noufa, I love you and I'm happy for you." He replied but he didn't sound happy.

At that moment, I got another call on my phone, 5a6iibii-inshallah!- Ali.

"Fahad, digeega, Ali's calling..." I said as I left him to his thoughts and answered.

"Mita tabeena inyeelich 7ayatii 3ogob bacher?"

"NA3AM?! 5alaaaa9?!" I grinned as I screamed into the phone.

"Hahahaaha, laish tabeen nabdii mara thanyaaaaa?"

My eyes popped open, "LA2!!!!" I screamed into the phone, "Abeek il7een, ma3ay, ihniiii!!!"

"I'll see what I can do."

Oo at that moment, I forgot Rawan was with me in the room, that my parents were downstairs, that Fahad had someone else, the fact that he didn't tell me about her and about everything else....

The only thing that occupied my mind is ALI







My phone beeped, "bacher intay 7alali." min Ali

Mita bi9eer bacher ya rab?!

part 31 B


My heart skipped a beat, my lips turned into a smile, my face glowed, my body warmed, my thoughts ran a mile a minute, all because of those three words. :)

I was so excited until I heard Rawan say, "Um, Nouf, tara it's four in the morning, bigawim oma, 3abalha fee shay! Miskeena!"

"Hehehe, ee wallaah, umbayyy fashlaaa! La2 bas 3adii... ya3ni 5alti Sara ra7 tifham ya3nii.... ra7 tifham 9a7?"

"We'll see, how do you feel?"

I couldn't stop smiling!!! "Rawan, I'm happy."

"Hehehehe, I can see that."

"R, shino kintay bitogoleen?"

She suddenly looked uncomfortable and started fidgeting around. What is it ilee it's so hard to say it? "Just spit it out!"

"Nouf, 5ala9 you choose Ali fa there's no reason to be upset or mad or shay."


"I think you made the absolute right decision, on both accounts, you and both guys! Ooo I'm sure you can call Fahad now oo he'll be happy for you."


"Ya3ni F won't be sad, not much anyways."

"And why's that?" I feel so nervous calling Fahad, shino bigool?! Bas il7een she's telling me he won't be sad.... shisalfa?

"3ashan..." Silence, "he's dating someone else."

part 31 dedicated to Nora;*


"3ala mino ati9il awal?" Nouf interrupted my thoughts... I guess I'll think about Sa3ad after....

And I should tell her about Fahad now, shouldn't I?

"Nouf tara I think you should call Ali and tell him your decision."

"Akeed moo Fahad awal?"

"Um, no, trust me."

Shakli bayin 3alai I know something because she eyed me and said, "Rawan, shisalfa?"

"Um, please, don't be mad?"


"Call Ali first, and then I'll explain."

"Fine." She huffed and dialed his number.

"Aloo Ali?" She asked after a while, I looked at the clock, it was 4AM, ah okay, he must be asleep. I guess the excitement in this house is keeping everyone up.

Nouf looked at me, nervous, I gave her a thumbs up.



Ali mai jawib, shfee? I looked at Rawan wella achoofha itchoof il sa3a, lafait wella 6ila3 il7een il sa3a 4 AM, ahaaa... we miskeen!

Bas as I was about to click end call, jawab.

"Aloo Ali?"

"mmm.." Heheh, 7a6ait on speaker 3ashan tisma3 Rawan, hehe it was so funny, he was in a deep sleep. Rawan stifled a giggle.

"Aliiiiiiiii?" I teased.

"mmmm... sa3a cham?" he replied oo imbayan ina he just wanted to sleep, kaifa, I had to tell him now. Rawan 6ali3at her camera oo bidat it9awir video.

"3ali, do u still care about me, like really care?" I know I sounded cheesy bas I've wondering, akeed I've been wondering if he still wants me.. ya3nii moo 3ala kaifii I decide abii... you never know, yimkin yi'3ayir raya...

This seemed to have caught his attention b/c his voice became clearer, "Nouf, what is this about?"

"Marraige?" I suggested oo Rawan giggled.

He cleared his throat, "Nouf, Nouf, Nouf...."


"Tabeeni?" I looked at Rawan and giggled.

"Um, ee?"

"Um wella ee?"

"Ali, ee."

"Il7een akalim omee."

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

part 30


Rawan grasped my arms hard, she had this huge smile on her face, and was literally bouncing up the stairs.

"I'm soooooo happy for you!!!" Oo it really shows, just looking at her glowing expression, the sparks in her eyes, and the huge smile made me even happier about this decision, "shinoo it7iseen bigool obooch?"

We looked at each other with this knowing expression... We ran to my room and we banged the door closed... bas of coarse, kina bara il '3orfa.... we tiptoed back to the stairs oo sat on the top, trying to hold our giggles and failing... we used to always do this when we were younger, it feels so refreshing to act as kids again.

"Shhhhh!" We tried to shut each other up bas ashwa my parents ma la7i'6aw.

"Bil baraka ya Aziz."

"Bil baraka ya Mariam (my mom)."

They looked at each other for a bit, I looked away, it felt as though we were intruding a private moment, Rawan felt it too, she looked down the stairs instead of at them.

That moment between them looked so powerful, so beautiful, it showed their strong bond and love between them.

My parents were married in a typical way... maku suwalif gf/bf ooo definitly ma kanaw the way F and I were or even A and I... bas obooy ta8adamlaha oo her parents accepted. They grew their love from scratch and to see how strong it is right now, to see that bond is just beautiful...

All their love was exposed in a moment.

"Let's go to your room." Rawan whipsered. Gimna, this was a talk we really shouldn't be listening too... It finally hit me, ana oo Rawan are not kids anymore, we can't intrude and hide at stairs anymore... We are adults, ADULTS... it's so scary!

I'm going to be engaged.... oo Rawan's getting married....


We slowly tiptoed back into my room and very quietly closed the door... ri7na frashii oo we were silent for a while, kilman mash'3ool ib their own thoughts...

I looked at Rawan, she looked at me, smiling, "Ready to face life Nouf?"

"I think so."

"Ready to call Ali and Fahad."





Thank God ina 8arirat 3ali! She would've had her heart broken itha Fahad.

She was quiet the whole evening, but the look on her face shows she's ready...and it shows she's absolutely sure she wants Ali.

I'm just over the top happy for her, she deserves the best!

Oo I'm sure Ali is the best, throughout the years I tested him constantly to make sure of that...

Naughty Rawan, I know, bas itha he's a candidate for my best friend, no way is he getting her if he's not good enough!

Bas il rayal wayid 6ayib mashallah 3alai, oo galba abya'6 ...oo he's head over heels in love with Nouf, it hurts too see how much he loves her.

Nouf akeed, as always, matla7i'6! She's veryyyy naive.... ya3nii 9ij 9ij 9a6la hal bint!

Nouf was in the bathroom looking for her mobile...

My thoughts drifted over to my own love story...


Sa3ad, Sa3ad, Sa3ad,

what can I say?



*Sa3ad's name is chosen by Nora, hal ibnaya 3AJEEBA heheeh;* =D! *

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Want To Be A Character In Let's Keep This Just Between Us, Okay? ?

Heyyy everyone, I hope you like the story so far...

Il7een for the readers that are REAL FANS and REALLY like the story.... do you want to be in it?

I'm pretty sure any of you girls want to be this character.

Fa if u want to, 7i6aw either ur name or the name u want to be in the story... if you REALLY like the story, moo bas chithii, just to have your name;p hehe....

Oo I'll find a way to put one of you in, maybe I'll do a raffle or something. ;)

Oo believe me, I think you'll want to be this character.;)

Love you all,

Hi my name is...

part 29

"Ali." I looked at her expression, it was blank, "haw mama shfeech?"

"Mafeenii shay."

"Giltlich batzawaj, oo minoo oo maradatay!"

"La 7abibty, il7een barid, bas kint 3arfa 6ool hal wagt.. 3araft min awal ma giltilee, bas ma agdar, bintii ibtitzawaj!" A tear fell from her eye.

"Na3aaaaaaaaaam? Shino?????" I heard Rawan's footsteps min warai, hathii min wain ga6a athoonha? hehe.

"Ali," I replied to Rawan, 100% sure of myself.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH MABROOOOK!!!" 3a6atnii a huuuuuuuge bear hug oo a kiss on the cheek and then went to kiss my mom on the cheeck whose tears increased oo increased, inshallah may9eer flood ya3ni! "Mabrooooooooooooooook 5altiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii" Rawan screamed as she hugged my mom.

"Sh9ayir? Shisalfa?" My dad came down the stairs, looking tired, obviously he heard Rawan's screams, I'm pretty sure il fireej kila did! Inshallah moo chithii ya3nii kilman yi3arif il 5abir oo ohwa nazil il dari.. ;p

"Bintik ra7 titzawaj!" Rawan exlaimed, way itshawig, akthar wa7da mistansa!

"Binti mino?"

"Youuubbaaa!! Shinoooo hatha ana?!"

"Haw mino 5i6abich?" He asked with a confused look on his face. Umbay tara baitna circus!

"Ali oo Fahad, bas 8arirat Aliiii...."

"3allooyy? oo Fahood?! Haaa? Hathalliii?"

"Ee, two years ago..." Radait omee oo bas il tears ma yougfoon, umbay il wa'63 i'6a7ik! "Bil baraka Aziz!"

Obooy baaas ras omee oo baaas rasii, "Mabrook 7abibtiii" He whispered, he looked so proud and so happy...

"Ro7aw foug ishway 5al akalim omich."

I think I made the right decision, didn't I?

7asait bil ibtisama 3ala wayhi,

I'm absolutely sure I did! :)

part 28: two years after part 2 ;)

I looked around the garden at everyone there: Fahad's cousin's, Ali included, his parents, some of his friends, moo min jam3atna, oo My parents, Rawan, some of my other cousins, and friends moo min jam3atna... oo last but not least, a video camera in Rawan's hand oo Rawan laughing hysterically.

Fahad and I looked at each other, blinked, then started laughing. That was hilarious!

"Oh my God, kintaw lazim itchoofoon wiyoohkum" Rawan commented as she approached us, "MABROOK!!" 3a6atnii this bear hug..

"Walla Fahad, ma it5ayaltik ibnaya!" Kaaaaaak! "Bas yallah, inmashii, it5arajt... ;) " Waii Rawan lol!

Ali ya oo baraklina... if you're wondering what happened after that day (the BBQ two years ago), maku, we were all friends.. ma fata7t il maw'6oo3 ma3a oomii oo vice versa... il7een we're at such a stable pace ina 7ada muree7!

We stayed at F's house until 1:30 am celebrating, BBQing, swimming... It was really nice. :) Bas wallah il dinasaurs (our parents) ti3baw fa we had to go home.. o the guests had to go.. salamna 3alaihum oo 6ila3na...

Rawan rij3at baitna ma3ana oo ra7at il 7amam itbadil, tilbis pijamatha.... walla ma achoof walla omee itnadeenii ta7at bil 9ala... ga3da nafs il mukan kanat ga3da fee two years ago.. oo ana ga3adt yamha... deja vu!

6ali3atnii ib this serious stare, oo I knew what it was about, "Nouf, 8arartay?"

I recollected all my thoughts, I knew I couldn't just shove this thing to the side and leave it, it was bound to creep up sometime.... Bas I did think about it after that day, I thought about it everytime I was with Fahad and Ali.

6ala3tha, oo %100 mitakda, giltlaha, "Ee Youma."

part 28: two years after

"Graduation dayyyyy baby!" I screamed at the top of my lungs... Everyone had a smile on their face, oo Fahad was taking so many pictures too!

Over these years, wayid athar 3alai, il7een ana ba3aad bidait a9awir! Ta8adum 9aaa7? He got newer lenses oo hal ashya2 kil sina ... ana I got a new camera.. I'm taking pictures of Fahad oo my friends... everyone looked so nice.. umbayy ma9adig 5ala9na il jam3a!! 6afaaw il sineen ibsir3a oo i'm sure I made friends for the rest of my life!

Rija3na bait Fahad, 8ararna to go for a swim in the swimming pool.. I've always loved the swimming pool! And I always will! Shaklii bashtiirii il bait itha ba3oo bas 3ashan il swimming pool!

Bas fee shay '3ala6 bil bait..

ma la7a'6t shino ohwa laman 9irna agrab-- 6ila3 il bait '6alma..

wala mara kan baithum '6alma '6alma

6ool il wagt fee 3ala il a8al lait maftoo7... shisalfa?!

My pulse started to go faster... as we approached, il 5ar3a ib galbii itzeed...

di5alna il bait oo ana mayta min il 5ar3a... I started imagining these terrible scenes in my head: F's mother all cut up and thrown in a closet ma3a blood drops
Aw his mother's body thrown in the atique with the head missing
Aw half his father in the house, the other half in the pool

Don't ask.

My imagination runs wild!

Bas I was freaking out, holding my breath, my heart beating a mile a minute, I held on tightly to F's arm, "Shfeech?!" He whispered.

"Laa... you know shfeenii... why are you whispering?!" I whispered back...

"Haa... la2... mafii shay." He whispered as he guided me slowly around the house.

"Then why are you still whispering?!" Sasartlaa, scared to death, oo holding his arm akthar..

Ma ligina shay da5al bas sima3na 9oot bara... oo literally, my heart was beating so fast, I was gripping F's arm sooo tightly I'm sure the blood stopped...

Fita7 il baab F shway shway walla nisma3,


oo 9ara5na ana oo F's 9ar5a moo 6abi3iyaaa, mayteeen min il 5ar3aaa!!!

Wella nistaw3ib... it's a surprise party.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Part 27

Throughout the entire dinner I was just thinking about it over and over again... These two incredible guys want me... oo I want them both.... I admit I don't want just their friendship!!! Ugh, this is annoying... bas the food is delicious... yuuuuuuuuum!

I looked around the table, kilman yisoolif oo mistanis oo getting along... I loved it! F was enjoying all the smiles too... he was taking lots of pictures which are going to turn out wonderfull!


"Byeee... inchoofkumm!"

Everyone left, including Rawan... bas of coarse, she will be back tomorrow. :)

I needed to talk to my mom.

"Mama... 3adii akalmich?" Obooy ra7 yitsaba7 ooo il 5adama kanat itna'6if...we had the living room to ourselves.... I explained everything that happened to her... except some details I'm pretty sure she wouldn't enjoy.


"Na3am?!" I looked at her stunned.

"7asait... ana oo om Fahad kila nitkalam oo akeed akalim i5it om Fahad too, ilee ihya om Ali.... you know we're close...."

"Ma3a om 3ali ba3aaaaad?!"

"Eee, haw shino ya3nii?! 3abalich a5ali ay walid fee hal bait?!"



"Mama! Inzain oo ba3dain..."

"Oo bas... kina in3arif ina il awlad ithawishaw oo omahathum 7asaw ina 3alaich intay o 3arafna..."

"Ah... mama kilish matwa8a3t..."

"Hehehe, wallah tara agoolich il 9ij ana ra'6ya 3ala ay wa7id feehumm... bas shar6 it5al9een il jam3a awal!!"

"Mama, hatha min shiroo6ii ana ba3ad." I smiled at her, "Akeed ya3nii ba5ali9 il jam3a awal! Wain ga3deen?!"

"Shdaraniii 3anich... itbooseen il awlad 3ala 5adhum! Tara 3aib! Gilna in5alii Fahad fee darach oo chithii bas il booos? That's too much!!!" That's the first time ever she says anything like that....

"Wow, mama, you are so right!"

"Haw, akeed, shino ya3nii ilee sawaitii 9a7?"

"Sorry." I blushed looking down at the carpet..

"5ala9, il7een la7a'6tay, let's move on... mino tirta7ainla akthar?"

"Madri, abii ithnathum!"

"Hawwwww!!! Noufff 3aiibbb.... oo 7araam! il mara 7alal laha rayel wa7id!"

"Yuma shfeech?! At8ashmar... ya3nii atmana I can have both." Heheh wayyy omiii!!

"Wala Nouf il 6areeqa ilee you explained il wa'63 fee... yibayin it7ibeen ithnanathum... bas a7is Ali is more suitable to be your husband."

Did she just decide on Ali?

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

New Story

Heyy everyone... thank you for all the comments and for reading...

Let's Keep This Just Between Us, Okay? is still on... ma5ala9... ;)

bas I do have another story.... ooo the first part is up today... it's called Love Drops... check it out.. ;) It's inspired by a funny story I heard today from my friend, R.

check it out at: http://lovedropsss.blogspot.com/

Love you alllll ;****

---Hi My Name Is...

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

part 26

Ali looked seriously uncomfortable. Good.

He cleared his throat, "I'm sorry Nouf."

"Foooor?" Rawan urged.

Ali 3a6aha 5aza, "I'm getting there, Rawaaan." Then his attention returned back to me, "Awalan, Rawan explained how my actions and what I said makes you feel as though you are a prize---"

"Moo prize, what did we say exactly?" Rawan again, and she got another glare from Ali. Hahahhaha! I'm loving this!

"Moo prize, she said something like we were competing for you.. ya3ni chinich not a person but something Fahad and I both want.. ya3nii we both love the competition and the chase.... wait, sim3ay... that isn't what I meant at all. That isn't the way I feel about you but Nouf said that that's the way it was percieved... and yes, I admit, in Lenotre I was trying to make Fahad jealous laman giltlich salmay 3alai ib 9oot 3aleee.... bas the rest of the time, the whole time, I swearrr Nouf, mala 3eela8a with Fahad.... wagt Rawan 3izmatnii 7ag il BBQ, I wanted to come to see YOU! Not to make Fahad jealous, same with the car and the ride and the same with suwalifna.... I really had fun with you today... oo Rawan... except right now, right now Nouf, she's really really annoying---"

"You deserve my annoyingness for what you did to my cousin!!!" hahhahha, Rawan!

"I looove you!" I whispered into her ear. She gave me a kiss on the cheek.

"Continue..." She nodded at Ali.

"Nouf, I told you I am in love with you." I can't believe he's talking so openly in front of F! Wth? And F looks so calm, as if this isn't affecting him at all...

Rawan saw the panic on my face, "Lat5afeen we talked about this before we discussed between us three and came to a conclusion... each guy knows how the other feels.... they're okay now." She winked.

Wooow... I'm soooo happpyyyy nowww. :) I'm not tearing families apart... They actually talked and discussed--it's not a good topic--- but still.... yayyy....

"Anyways, I told you I am in love with you, oo 9adginii I am to the point that it hurts.... it just hurts that no other girl can satisfy me! You know how annoying that is?!"

"Annoying?!" I asked, I know what he meant, bas felt like torturing him shwaya.

"Nouf, it's not funny, please I know what you're doing, don't torture me, not having you is enough pain." He replied quietly...


"Il7een it3arfeen moo 8ashmara? This whole time I was serious! O btw ana awal mara atkalam hal kithir about "feelings" .... these cheesy things make me want to puke... but see, moo li3ba 7agii!! Moo competition ma3a Fahad!!"


"Anyways, it would cause me even more pain and it would kill me to not see you happy oo to not see you comfortable.... oo know I realize what I did oo I apologize greatly... oo ba5aliich 3ala ra7tich oo I'm not going to try to push you... oo neither is Fahad going to push you.... we just both wanted you oo both of us wanted to be the guy for you that makes you want to be better, to be happy all the time... bas now we understand, we're going to fast oo sending completely different messages... oo min my side, I really am sorry."

My heart melted right then and there. I was completely blown away.


"KIDS, dinner is ready!!" My dad screamed min 3ind il BBQ interrupting us.

"We'll be there 3amii digeega." Rawan replied, she returned to our conversation, "Wow, Ali.... marry me?" Wayyyy I looove her!

"Hehe, I would Rawan, bas my heart and mind are set on some one else." His eyes were looking directly at me while saying that.... those stunning eyes. I blushed deeply.

"Laa 3add ihnii gazartha 3alooy! Not fair!" Fahad finally speaks!

This made us all laugh....

"Okay N, il7een ana... Nouf... ma tadreen how much I love you... I would marry you right now and here... ka ba3ad all the closest people are here, ana o rawan, oo your parents... sorry 3ali ur still not as close." hehehheehhe, cutiie Fahad, "Bas like 3ali, I don't want to rush you.... oo I want you to be happy.... oo we'll both have to face your decision in the future...bas just like your perfect 7ag Ali, you are perfect for me. Oo right now we all decided to take it slow... we're not going to pressure you... we'll hang out as we did before.. even though it's killing both me and Ali."

A tear dropped from my eye.

"Aww, 7ayaatiii..." Rawan gave me a hug from the side.

"Thank you." I whispered.

"All better? All clear? They both love you. No game, reality baby!"

"Heheh, I know. Bas omg Ali oo Fahad you don't know how hard it is with you too! Can't I have you both."

"Wallahhh Noufff ana agoolich...."


"Let's go eat! Yoo3ana oo I can smell the BBQ till here!" Rawan exlaimed.

"Thank you Rawan." I hugged her so hard.... wayy amoot 3alaiha!

"Your welcome." She went to talk with my parents as they prepared her favorite BBQ dish for her.

"Ali oo Fahad... intaw ithnainatkum giltoolii how you feel oo I'm just so shocked... ya3nii ma ligataw a7ad '3ari bil Kuwait? Oo What's so specail about me?! That I don't get either... bas I really like you both, so much! You both are making me fall more and more in love with you... Ooo I keep on thinking how it's not fair your family brought two guys that are insanely hot, intimidating, handsome, well-mannered, charming, oo just overall amazing! It's just not fair... oo it's hurting me too... I can't choose... you're both just, wow, wow, wow! That's what I constantly think.... Oo I never realized that you guys get hurt too but now I understand and I am so sorry."
I told them both. Oof I'm falling hard for the both of them!

"Rawan 3adii bas too3idiinii shay?" Ali held my arms tightly.

GULP, "Ilee ohwa?"

"Please, DON'T ever ride a taxi or a stranger's car EVER again! I was going to get a heart attack!"

"Heheh, aw3idak."

He pulled me into a bear hug.... his strong arms wrapped around me... wow it felt good.

Next hug from Fahad... bear hug too....

"Thank you both." I looked up at their beautiful eyes and kissed each guy's cheek.

"Nouf!" My parents screamed and eyed me, ooppsss... hahah...

We all laughed..

"Yalla ta3alaw iklaw."

part 25: dedicated to In My Closet

*In the taxi*
I kept on repeating the scene in my head, Ali getting mad, hurt, realizing that I actually am not engaged, that I'm "up for grabs"! Ugh, just thinking about it makes me sick.

I can see him in the mirror, he's following my taxi.

It just really hurts so much, I have this painful stabbing feeling in my chest, how could they do this to me? Fahad especially!? He has been my best friend all these years, I had and still do have this crush on him since his birthday, he really hurt me! He could have just shut up instead of making me believe he actually cared and wanted to marry me! Or Ali could have shut up. Ya3ni ishda3wa they both want me that bad they're willing to fight! There are beautiful and amazing ladies in Kuwait. Laish yiyaninoooniiii?! Oo why do they have to fight over the same girl! They are cousins! First cousins!!!! Their parents are siblings forheaven'ssake!

I FREAKING DIDN'T ASK THEM TO FIGHT!!!! I am not a person that tears families apart!!!!

I want to cry, I want to scream but no sound comes out. The taxi driver is looking at me through the mirror, he looks terrified, I wonder if he has wife and kids... I wonder if he drove his wife crazy like these two guys are driving me!!!

My phone started ringing, filling the silence in the taxi, I looked at the screen: Fahad.


I clicked on ignore. Silence again.

Two seconds later: Fahad.

Ignore again.

Silence in the taxi again.

He called five more times after that. Can't he just take a hint?! I need to be alone.

Oh, but wait, of course, it's never about my feelings, laaaaaaaaa2, it's about those two idiots and what they want and how they're going to get it first.

This is driving me crazy.

I think it's driving the Indian taxi driver crazy too because on the third time the phone rang and I ignored it, he sped up, trying to get me home faster.

Finally wi9alt il bait... I gave a big tip to the Indian guy 3ashan wa9alnii ibsir3a and wished and prayed that F wasn't in our house.

I sneaked in, got up to my room, yelled "I'm home" in case my parents were there, locked myself in my room and jumped on the bed.

I just lay there staring at the ceiling, thinking. Am I making a big deal out of this?

Ahhh... I really don't know, I just want to sleep... mhhhmmm, sleep sounds goood...


hhmmmm.... pleaasee stop... bas 5aloonii anaaaam.... my mind is just filled with drowsiness but the knocking won't stop bassss pleaseee..

*knock knock knock*

*bang bang bang*

waiii, may5aloon il wa7id yinaam! I got up and checked the watch, oh shoot! It's 7pm! I don't remember a thing!

Oh now I do!


"kanii yaya!"

"Noufa! Shitsaween, minziman a6ig 3al baab! 5ara3tiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!! FEECHII IL BAB IL7EEN!!" My mom was screaming through the door.

Oh Shooooooooooooooooot! How long was I asleep?

I opened the door, "sorry ma, kint nayma."

"Nayma? Witha 6i7tay '3ashyana!! Laish gifaltay il baaab! 5ara3tiiinii yuma!! Oo obooch tawa kan bikasir il bab!! wagfeen ihnii 15 minutes, literally, in6ig il baab!!" SHOOT SHOOT SHOOT

"Sorry mama, wallah nimt noma 3amee8a ma 3iraft, wallah sorry!"

"5al aroo7 anadihum, kanaw biyooboom shay yikasroon il bab!"

Oola yikasroon il baab?!! Waiiit, yikasroon?

"Mama, min yikasir il bab? Mino zayerna?"

"7amdila wi shikir ti3ziminhum o tensain! Fahood ihnii ma3a wild 5alta! Yalla nizlay, Rawan ba3ad 5ayfa 3alaich."

"Fahad oo 3ali ihni?"

"Haw, ee! Shfeech yuma?" She asked me, looking at me as if I lost my mind.

"Ahaa... okay il7een albis oo anzil, oo 7adii asfa inii 5ara3tkum." I went over and gave her a kiss.

"7abibtii, zain ilee ma 9ar feech shay. Yallah libsay oo nizlay."

I closed the door after her and kicked it hard.


Wasn't today's activity enough?! ifffffffff!

I took off my lunch clothes and put on a black tshirt with jeans and tied my hair in a kubba, 7ada imbayin ina malii 5ulg.

Nizalt ta7at to find Rawan, Ali, and Fahad sitting awkwardly.... a7san! They all deserve to face each other! I really didn't feel like facing them.

"9aba7 il 5air, 9a7 il noom." My dad joked from behind me while giving me a hug.

"Hi baba, I'm sorry."

"Hehe, 3adii, bas 5ara3tay omich il miskeena."

"Hehe, ee mama ibsir3a it5af." I whispered to him.

"Noufoo!! Azizoo! Tara sima3tkum!" She came in laughing, "Get ready all of you for a deelicious meal! Ali, titthakir il bbqs ilee insaweehum?"

"La 5altee, bas sima3t ina they're the BEST!" He replied. Suck up. La, Nouf don't be so harsh, 7aram ur mom seems to like him. Oo indeed she does look like she likes him... After all no one can know Ali and Fahad and not like them...

This is so annoying! How can one family sprout two handsome and charming guys that have the same interest? It's too much!

"Nouf, 7ayach ta3alay gi3day ma3ana." Fahad pointed to the chair between him and Rawan. He spoke carefuly, and it looked like they all knew something. I, on purpose, ignored the chair he pointed to and sat on the one on Rawan's other side that wasn't next to either Ali or Fahad.

Rawan's arm fell around me, "Nouf, I'm sure these two men have something to tell you."

"We're sorry." They said in unison.

"Okay il7een, they both told me they want to talk to you and so they are going to talk in turns." heheh, a smile crept to my face, Rawan is hilarious! She's treating them like kids, it's so funny.

"Okay." I replied.

"Now look Nouf, both guys explained to me what happened on each side and I explained to them what they did wrong." umbay china ga3deen ib couples therapy! "oo Nouf, ana myself ma a9adig how mean and rude and awful (she eyed both of them here) they were."

I turned to them, waiting expectantly. Hehehe, this seems like fun, Rawan is a genious!

"Ali first." She continued.

"Go ahead, I'm waiting." I eyed him.