Which story is this?

Some of you asked for a description or something to show the difference between this story and other stories... because it's becoming very hard to remember....

This story is about NOUF, ALI, FAHAD, RAWAN, and SAAD....

It's the story that uses N, A, F

---Nouf and Fahad have been the closest friends since they were kids
*b/c their parents were close

--Ali's Austin Martin

Monday, February 23, 2009

part 24

"Ali, Fahad proposed, you know?" I looked down at my hands after we stayed quiet for a while. I peeked through my hair to look at him, he seemed hurt.


"Yeah, but I told him ina after university."

"So you're not getting married now?"


"Nouf, the fight is still on." That made ma angry?! It made me SNAP! THE FIGHT? THE FIGHT?!!

"WHAT THE HELL?!" I burst, my eyes full of anger, staring into Ali's eyes. His expression changed, he was scared now.


"IS THIS JUST A GAME TO THE BOTH OF YOU!!! THE FIGHT IS NOT OVER?!!?! WHAAT?! IS THIS ABOUT YOU MEN AND YOUR DIGNITY?!?!?!?!?!" At that moment, my phone rang, I glanced at the screen, Fahad, "WHAT?!" I replied harshly.

"Are you okay?"

"Fahad are you going to fight Ali for me?!" I screamed into the phone.

"Shinoo?!" He replied and Ali looked at me wide-eyed, "Of course!!" I heard Fahad reply. I CANNOT deal with this!!!

"You know what, you guys, NONE of you are getting me!!!" I screamed into the phone and at Ali, "I AM NOT A GAME!!! I AM A GIRL WITH FEELINGS!!!!!!!!!!! OO RIGHT NOW I DON'T THINK YOU GUYS ARE TALKING ABOUT LOVE, RIGHT NOW, YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT YOUR MANLINESS AND I DON'T FREAKING CARE ABOUT IT!!!!! BYE!!!!!" I screamed at the both of them, got out the car, shut the door so hard, it may have left a dent! Oo ended the conversation with Fahad, Ali calling me from behind, walked to the street and just put my arm up.

First time I do it, and wow, I get a taxi.... haha I laughed to myself, I didn't know you can do that and they just stop. I got into the taxi, slammed the door, gave him my adress and told him to take me home.


part 23

He suddenly calmed down, removed his seat belt and turned his body completely to face me, his eyes that were clouded with anger were now, slowly, calming down, those intimidating eyes of his! I dared not to talk, I really am frightened. I haven't seen him in a while and he bursts?! Ya3ni, WTH?!

"Nouf, I need to tell you it myself, I know it's at a completely a wrong time, but it will always be a wrong time..." He started to explain, then suddenly went, "Dang it Nouf!!!! Why don't you get it!?!?! I FREAKING AM IN LOVE WITH YOU!! You don't know how much it killed me to hear you say my feelings changed?! Shaku my feelings changed? They NEVER changed!! I was and still am in love with you!! Ooo we were kids back then, I understand ina you may think shino hatha, laish yifakir chithii kubarna ya3nii ma yi3arfinii... yeah well, I thought the same, bas nooo, I realized after so many failed relationships that my heart's desire is strong, for you, it keeps on going back to you!"

I was stunned! I mean how does a girl reply to that?

"Ali--?" What was I supposed to say?

"Wait, let me finish, Nouf, I know Fahad is my cousin and I love him. Even after he ignored me and everything, I still do, I really care about him... BUT I really care about you....oo Nouf, I'm ready to fight my own blood, my cousin for you. Things between us as cousins will be normal, I'm sure Fahad and I can always be ourselves around each other, but when it comes to you, fighting over you, I will not give up!"

Oh my God.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

part 22 dedicated to Silhouette Crime

i guess it came sooner than later, bas now I really do have to sleep, goodnight. ;**
oo Silhoutte Crime, thank you for your comments, they make me smile, hehe. :)

"You think my feelings changed?!"

"Umm... right now, I think you should concentrate on the road." I replied nervously-- I mean we were driving in a really fast car! And for some reason, he's getting really mad!

"No! You know what, I think we should park!!" He replied, his voice getting higher and higher.

"Ali, you're scaring me." I whispered quietly which seemed to make him calm down, he looked at me and his eyes changed, he felt bad.

"Digeega." He replied quietly. He turned to the right oo dash ib parking space, "We have to talk."

"Umm, okay." He parked the car oo turned off the engine, he looked at me.

Ali's side:

Sa2alt-ha if things were awkward, shal sua2al?! Hatha sua2al tisalha oo tawik itchoofha 3ogob moda?!

Oo ba3dain she started blabbaring, madri shitgool! Bas it was kinda funny until i heard, "what happened was a long time ago. I'm pretty sure ya3ni whatever you felt towards me changed." Ooh ihnii 7asaiiit 3awaaar! SHINO MY FEELINGS CHANGED!!!!


I was so angry, I was screaming! She said something about the road, shloon afakir, SHLOON AFAKIR ABOUT THE FREAKING SHARI3 RIGHT NOW, oo she's tearing my world, literally, after all these years, waiting to see her, APART!!! SHLOON!!


I heard her say something, something about being scared which scared me, I looked at her. It broke my heart, she looked terrified. Something about her expression made me calm down a bit, how can I scare her?! I love her!! How can I do this to her?!

I've never been this crazy about a girl. I've had flings bas always compared other girls to her. Ali, had a39abik!!!!

I parked, turned of the engine oo turned to her oo talked calmly, "We have to talk."

She looked at me, wide eyed, scared.

Here comes the hard part, the part I know she doesn't want to hear, but I'm going to tell her!

It's killing me.

part 21

I'm in the car right now, my favorite car, my obsession, and all I can think about is him, right next to me, I admit it!

It's just that he was so close! And don't worry, I'm not forgetting F, I mean nothing's going on here--wait like nothing's going on here right??? I turned to look at Ali... he was just so freakin' hot! And so funny! He made Rawan and I laugh multiple times throughout the rest of the lunch after that phone call.. Nothing was awkward between us after that, everyone behaved.... and he set such a comfortable atmosphere... it's like we were the closest friends... He was ADORABLE!

Bas right now, I can't help but to think.... what are we going to talk about in the car? Rawan's gone, it's only me and him... and I can not deal with--

"Libastay i7zamich?" Huh? He pulled me out of my thoughts. Wait, did he say "libastay i7zamich"?!

"Shino?" He asked sensing my glare.

"Hehe, i7zamiii?" I replied, ya3ni wth is he talking about?!

"E, put it on."

"Okaay..." Is he serious?

"Hehe, Nouf, ish9ar feech?" Shino ish9ar feenii? Do I sound really dumb ya3nii? What kind of a question is that shfeenii? Ha! Shaku yisaal ha suaal?!

"Nouf?" He interrupted my ranting.


"hehe, you were the one that always told us to put on our seat belts! Sh9ar il7een?" Oh, hatha shfeenii, hehe, I felt like an idiot!

"Ah, hehe, wow, I trained you to put on your seat belt?"

"Ee, itha mo lich, min 7aga albisa?"

"Awwww! Now I feel really bad."

"You don't wear a seatbelt, do you?" He eyed me, wow his eyes!! They seemed to look deep down into me, it was too intimidating, too intensifying, I had to look away.

"7asait!" Phew, ma la7a'6 i had to look away because of those stunning eyes.

"You caught me!" I replied as I put on my seat belt. We waved to Rawan as her car passed by us and she winked at me.

I'm absolutely sure Ali saw the wink because he was smiling, my face turned red yet again! Ugh.

"So, I never got to ask, is it awkward ya3ni? That you see me and Fhaid? Like is it awkward to see us at different times yet the same time?" He asked, he's very blunt, I noticed.

I looked at him, this? Awkward? Naaaah! I thought to myself sarcastically.

"Well not really, I mean what happened was a long time ago. I'm pretty sure ya3ni whatever you felt towards me changed. I mean Fahad said ina you still like me, bas hehe, la I don't think so..." I was rambling, some one, kill me now.

"You think my feelings changed?" Woah, his voiced suddenly became tense. He sounded like Fahad when he got angry at me and told me he loved me. I'm pretty sure he's going to burst right now!

it's short, but posting again tomorow. ;)
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Saturday, February 21, 2009


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Monday, February 16, 2009

part 20: dedicated to Dalia

Be strong Dalia, I'm so sorry for your loss.

I looked at Ali as I answered the phone. He seemed frustrated, "Aloo?"

"Hi Nouf ta3alay what do you think about dinner tonight?"

"Um, ta3al 3indina, I think my dad's barbecuing."

Ali's expressions suddenly changed, he looked happy, evilishly happy... hmm..

"Okay, yallah, bye."

"Salmay 3alai." Ali told me in a loud voice with a gigantic smile on his face.

"Did you say something?" I can hear Fahad returning the phone to his ear.

"Um.. ee, Ali yisalim 3alaik."

"Ali? Ay Ali?"

"Hehe, Fahad, shfeek, 3ali, your cousin!"

"Ahaaa, ahh he's there with you?" He replied quietly.

"Yup yup, ma3ay ana oo Rawan. We're in Lenotre."

"Ah okay, allah yisalma, salmay 3alai."

"Allah yisalmik." I replied while glaring at Ali.

Is this some kind of game to the two of them?!

"Okay, you were saying?" He continued talking after I ended the conversation.

"Uh-huh, I wasn't saying anything. What was that about?"

"What was what about?" Rawan returned and asked as she sat down.


"Yeah, I think it's about a barbeque or something." Ali said at the same time. Rawan's eyes lit up, here comes trouble!

"Oh my God, Ali! Lazim lazim itjarib her dad's barbeque, it is the best!"

"Oh really?"


"7ayak!" We didn't even start on our main course and she' inviting him? What is going to happen at the end of the meal?!

"Mashkoora, but I don't want to intrude." Good boy!!! I shouted in my head.

"La, la, 3adiiii! I'm sure her parents don't mind! Your aunt and uncle are best friends with her parents."I stared so hard at her. I'm pretty sure she can feel the hate vibes coming out of my eyes at that secondl but that didn't stop her.


"Nouf insists!" Whaaat? I insist? Okaayy.. Thank you for that.

"Hehehe," Oh no, please, not the deep laugh! My ears love his deep laugh, "3ayal I'll be there."

"Mhhmm... Fahad will be glad to see you." I shot to the both of them.

"Ah, Fahad yaay?" hehehe, the expression on R's face was priceless!

"Yup." I put the food into my mouth and chewed the last of my salad while wondering what on Earth was going to happen tonight....


"So, is that yours?" I asked as I pointed at his car in the parking lot outside.

"Yeah." He is one lucky guy! I thought to myself, eying the car. I felt someone staring at me, I turned to look at the source, Ali. My face turned into five different shades of red! Okay, okay, I admit, I was eying the car ENVIOUSLY, he busted me! But what's a person to do? It is a fine piece of car!

"Want to ride?" He asked with a mysterious smile dancing on his face. DO I WANT TO RIDE?! IS THAT EVEN A QUESTION? HELL, I WANT TO DRIVE THAT THING!! Afterall, it's not like I've never riden in one before but you have to understand, I have this obsession with Aston Martins!

"La, 3adi, mashkoor." I replied quietly, embarrased.

"Akeeeeed?" He asked slowly.

"Nouf, don't worry, I"ll drive your car home." R winked. My parents will kill me! I thought to myself... 9ayra wayid asha6in these days... but they will understand, right? I mean they know about me and Aston Martins!

"Okay, sure."

"Have fun." Rawan whispered into my ear.

"You know I'm killing you when I get home, don't you?"

"Hahaha, we'll see after this car ride!"

Sunday, February 15, 2009

part 19 continuation

We ordered our food and talked for a while, without anything embarrassing or any flirting, thank God, smooth sailing.

After our salads Rawan "needed" the bathroom, yeah right, I can tell when she's lying!

"Ayee ma3aach?" I asked innocently.

"La, la 3adi, keep Ali company." Her evil smile returned, uh huuuh, okay, fine.

"Are you sure?"

"Nouf, 5aleeha, she has you all the time, it's my turn now." Uh-oh, this is what I've been dreading... or wanting? I honestly don't know.

Rawan, supposedly, went to use the bathroom and as soon as she got up, Ali faced me completely, "Nouf, bagoolich shay, mu 8ashmara, I'm dead serious."

"Umm... okay?" I replied nervously.

"Nouf, intay," he paused, "9ayra a beautiful lady." another pause.

"Hehe, umm.. thank you?"

"La2, it's not just that, you've always been 7ilwa 3indi... but I never got a chance to tell you the truth.." Uh-oh.

"Umm, Ali?"

"Bas 5alini I get this out, please, I've been waiting for a very long time."

"I know."

"What?" He looked so confused, "I thought you didn't get any of my messages from Fahad?"

"No, ummm..." Now or never, "I know because Fahad galii.. he told me everything... why you fought... oo that he never gave you a chance... oo..." I paused, not sure if I should continue.

"O shino?" His 3asaly eyes looked deep down into my eyes, I looked away.

"He said he thinks you still like me," I looked back up at him to an unreadable expression, his mouth started moving as if he was about to talk but my phone interrupted him.

We both looked at the screen: Fahad.

part 19

After fifteen minutes we reached Lenotre. I saw Ali getting out of an Aston Martin, my mouth dropped.

Rawan looked at the direction I was looking and whistled, "Nouf, not only is he a major hottie, his car is like your dream car!"

"Oh my God, Rawaaan, kill me noooow!!" She laughed, laughed! Ya3ni 3adii 3indii inii amoot il7een oo she's standing there, laughing!

"Calm down, yallah he's coming this way." She smiled to him, "SMILE!" She ordered with her mouth closed.

"Halla shloonkum?" Ali approached.

"7amdilla zaineen. Ali this is Rawan, my cousin."

"How can I forget?! Hala Rawan shloonich? Remember me?"

"Hehe, halla, ummm... nope, Ali? Doesn't ring a bell."

"Ouchhhh. Hehehehe, I guess I'll have to make you remember 3ayal." He replied.

"Don't worry, Nouf already talked to me all about you." Whaa-aaaaaaaaaat? My face was like this: http://blog.dispatch.com/1812Nut/Shocked.jpgDid she really just say that? I was going to KILL her! I glared at her so hard, she looked at me innocently as if saying wha-at? UGH!!

"Aha, she did?" He eyed me, smiling mysteriously which made me blush like crazy.

"Yeah, she asked me who you were laman I told her you were coming with us." I replied quietly.

"Hehe, yallah shall we?" Thank God he changed the topic, I couldn't deal with this at all.

We walked into the resturant and were greeted by the guy next to the sweets table thing.

"Hello Ma'am, a table for three?" Asked the guy.

"Yes please." Rawan replied with a smile on her face. To the waiter that may look like an innocent smile but I know the evil thoughts running through her head.

"3adi akfi5ich il7een!" I whispered into her ear while walking to our table.

"Shinooo?" She asked innocenlty with puppy eyes.

"Mhhmmmm.... you know shino!"

"Nouf?" Ali's voice, I can melt right here, right now, from that voice.

"Huh?" I replied not really paying attention to what he's saying.

"Tifa'6ilay." I looked at him, he was pulling my chair out from me.

"Ah, mashkoor."

"No problem, I owe you one from that day, Fahad interupted me." Oh my God! He did not just say that!

"Hehehe." Rawan giggled, getting another hard stare from me.

This is going to be a long lunch.

Saturday, February 14, 2009


I reread a bit of my story and I finally realized why some of you think F is gay! LOL;p
But I'm going to tell you guys that he IS NOT gay. He just acts like that around Nouf because they're used to each other and are very comfortable around each other so he doesn't have to act all cold around her.

But he isn't gay.

Do you understand what I mean or should I clarify further? Oo BTW plz point out some places where you still think he is gay, poor thing. LOL

part 18

I banged on the bathroom door.

"Haa?" Rawan replied, "Shfeech?"

"Yalla, let's get ready, lazim inkoon ib Sliders in half an hour!"

"Sliders za7ma bikoon, we want somewhere we can talk!"

"What do you suggest?"

"Tadreen shino? 7adi mishtahya Lenotre!"

"Okay, sure. Lemme call Ali."

"Ali who?"

"Fahad's cousin."

"What?" Thank God she can't see my face right now, I was blushing so hard.

"Long story."

"Call him then tell me then."


I went back to the room and called A and told him about the change in plans. Now, I have to get ready, shalbis? I just stared at my closet im9a6la... wai3 ma7ib chithii laman I don't know what to wear.... I felt like wearing a white dress, I love white dresses. I have this Temperly one that I saw Mischa Barton wear once, I decided to wear that with my favorite Chanel flats and Chanel bag. My hair, wavy, as it is, let down.

"Ooh, by the way Nouf, I love that dress!" Rawan commented as she came in, "I need something to wear please." I forgot that her things weren't with her.

"Choose one."

"Okay yallah tell me about Ali? Who is he?" She said while looking to my closet.

"You know him! Shloon nisaitee? He's Fahad's cousin, ilee kan close ma3a min laman kanaw i9'3aar."

"Ahh, 3araftaa! Ya7lailaaa shloona?"

"He's good." I replied.

"Umm... that's it? No details?" She asked still facing my closet.

"La2, ako details."

"Okay...." She put a navy dress on and took a pair of Chanel heels.

"Um, Rawan?"

"Uh-oh, I sense trouble!" She sat next to me, "Sh9aar?" And so I told her the whole thing.

"Please don't make a big deal, he doesn't know I know!" I freaked.

"Oh my God! Oh my God! Ayshay!"

"I know."

"So now shino bitsaween? I thought you liked Fahad? You said he's waiting for you until after college!"

"I don't know what to do. I love Fahad, I really really do. Bas as Fahad said, he didn't give Ali a chance. Plus it's not like I'm doing anything wrong! We're all just friends for right now. Same with Ali and me... See I'm still the same Nouf, I didn't change!"

"I get it bas you can't send them mixed messages!"

"What mixed messages? Ana oo intay oo Ali 6al3een for lunch, did we say it's a date? No. He doesn't even know F told me about him."

"Okay, okay, you have a point."

"Yallah we're going to be late." I said as I got up and went to my table.

"Okay." She grabbed a purse and I put on a bunch of necklaces.

"This is going to be a very entertaining lunch." She commented on our way out of the house.

"Shut up." I muttered which made her laugh.


Happy Valentines Day To You All!!

part 17

This would be so funny if I made her father answer the phone... but that would be evil LOL


"Hala Nouf." Is he smiling? It sounds like he's smiling, "Shloonich?" Oh, wow, his voice, so deep.

"7amdilla zaina, inta shloonik? Sha5barik?"

"I'm good, ta3alay are you busy today?" This made me smile, he was very direct.

"I'm going out with Rawan for lunch right now."

"Mind if I join you?" Where'd that come from?

"Umm... Sure, 7ayak." I replied. We were both quiet for a while and I started to get nervous, why isn't he talking? Did he get bored?!

"Umm, Nouf?" Finally!


"Hehe," His laugh is so deep just as charming as his voice, can a person fall in love with a laugh? "Ay ma63am?"

"Ahhh, heheh!" I felt so dumb, that's why he was quiet, he was waiting for me to talk, "Sliders in half an hour?"

"See you there."

I was about to click end when I hear his voice so I quickly returned the phone to my ear, "...there?"

"Na3am? Ma sima3t?" Ugh, how stupid do I sound right now! A7is he's thinking I haven't seen her for a few years oo she's become so dumb...ugh..

"Is Fahad coming?" He interrupted my thoughts.

"Umm.. la2." I replied. Is he going to cancel because Fahad isn't coming? Way to make tihngs awkward!!

"See you there." Apparently he wasn't going to cancel. He sounded as though he was smiling again.

"See you." I replied.

Friday, February 13, 2009

part 16

"Good morning." She whispered to me when I woke up.

"Hi." I smiled. Yesterday seemed like a dream, I wasn't sure if what happened with Fahad and if Rawan's story was a figment of my imagination or the real deal. I looked at the floor, and yup there were the boxes of icecream. I smiled again looking at Rawan, "Wow."

"Hehe, you've said it like five times until now."

"Are you ready to get up?"

"La2... let's have a lazy day today."

"I have no problem with that." It was Sunday and we both had classes, but, oh well, after all of these events, who needed class?

"You know I've been thinking since I woke up, il wa'63 yi5ari3."

"Yeah, fakart feeha gabil la anam, we won't be free like this forever." We just looked at each other, silent, kil wa7da feena in her own world.

"5ayfa... I'm nineteen oo already wa7id galii yab yi56ibnii, ya3ni the real deal, mo 8ashmara."

"I know 7ayati. How do you act now? What are you supposed to do?"

"Madri, ya3ni yi5ari3 il wa'63,"

"Moo il wa'63 il7een bas bil mosta8bil." I continued on her statement, "ya3ni ako expectations wagt titzawijain? Oo shino itgooleen 7ag raylich lailat il 3irs? Shino bi9eer? Shino itgooleen 7ag raylich wagt il 3irs jidam il nas?"

"Tara 9ij 5ayfa."

"Me too."

We stayed silent for a while wondering, just wondering and thinking. We were in bed for about a half hour when we heard my mom calling us while approaching our room. Her face peeked in then her body appeared, "9aba7 il 5air, shitsawoon bil frash? Don't you both have classes?" Her voice was so loud and awake compared to the way we were softly talking. You know when you talk in really low voices and soft and then you hear this absoulutly normal voice but it feels like this annoying thing blabbering? Ugh, that's what I'm hearing right now.

"9aba7 il noor." I replied as she sat on my bed next to me, "Lazy day ilyoum, catching up oo wayid ashya2 9araw."

"Okay 5ala9, a5aleekum, nadoonii itha ti7tajoonii." She kissed my forehead and left.

"In7i6 movie?" I asked.

"Yes, tara mali 5ulg agoom."

"Hehe, affa 3alaich agoomlich, which one?"

"Pride and Prejudice!"

"Oof 7adii mishtahya achoofa!" It's our favorite movie, we can watch it over and over again.

I got the DVD and put it in my small dvd player then got back in bed. Allah a7la shay, laman you hide under the covers oo have a soft pillow under your head, oo the warmness that fills up the air under the blankets. 7a6ait il dvd player in between us and we watched the movie. I fell asleep halfway through and when I woke up it was 1pm, Rawan too was asleep.

I now felt fully revived from all that sleep, I got out of bed and went to brush my teeth and everything when I got out of the bathroom Rawan was up too, "Better now?"

"Hehe, yeah!"

"Akh, don't you feel completly revived?!"

"Ee wallaaah! Bas now I'm really hungry! ni6la3?"

"Yeah, yallah libsay." She went to the bathroom to get ready and I checked my phone. One missed call from an uknown number, 1 from fahad, 2 from other people in class, and four messages.

I called Fahad, told him about our lazy day and that Rawan and I are going out for lunch. He's going to play soccer with his friends. I called the other two people from class and chatted for a few minutes with each. I then replied to the four messages and finally got to the unknown number. Random numbers rarely call me so I expected this to be someone I know.

I clicked dial on my mobile and the person picked it up on the third ring, "Aloo? Nouf?" A manly, vary familair voice answered.

part 15

""Ya nas sim3oonii!!" Rawan has had enough, hehe.

"You have our full attention now." I said as I swatted F's hand away, again, wain ga3deen... I told him after jam3a! I glared at him but then felt sorry, I didn't have to be mean ya3ni!

Rawan was quiet all of a sudden and her head was bent as though she was ashamed, "yabi yi56ibni." she whispered. We both shut up and just gaped at her. "Lat6al3oonii chithii!"

"OH MY GOD R!!" I screamed, "MABROOKKK!! I'm so happy for you!!!!!!" I hugged her tightly. F cleared his voice from behind.

"Who is he?" He acted as the older brother.

"Abdullah Al ---- " She replied. She tried to say it as if it's just another name but her cheeks were so red and she looked so happy, I think she really is in love. It may not be just a crush.

"Chub F, leave her alone." This is her moment, I can't believe she may get married.

"Wait, I know what you're thinking... I didn't mean now, I mean like in a couple of years or so yabi yitzawijni... bas il7een he's telling me 3ashan I tell my parents... let them get to know each other, see if it's going to work."

"Oh my God, Rawan, tell us all about him!"

"Well..." She blushed harder.

Fahad cleared his throat again, "I have a feeling I don't want to hear this, suwalif il banat, bye."

As soon as he left, Rawan looked at me, she had a serious expression on, "Noufa, he's a really great guy, ya3ni it's not like I'm in love with him oo that's it, I'm head over heels oo not thinking; bil3aks, I really can see him as a father for our kids and a family supporter oo '3air hatha ohwa wild 3ayla mu7tarama. I think both my parents will approve and would be proud of him. Oo a7ishum they'll get along with him, he's a really great guy."

"Wow." I was speechless, "Rawan, wow, I'm so happy for you!"

She blushed and smiled shyly which made me giggle which made her giggle leading us to having a giggle fest breaking the seriousness that filled the air.

"Tell me, tell me!"

"Hehehehhe, what do you want to know?"

"Everything! Where did you meet him? When? Oo how the hell did he travel with you?!?!"

"Well, awalan, don't get the wrong impression, it's not like we ran away together... bas safarna for a project."

"Huh?" I was really confused now.

"First thing first, 5al agoolich sh9ar min il bidaya."

"Yallah, I"m ready." :)

"Okay, you know how I'm majoring in business..."

"No kidding." I stuck my tongue out.

"Hehe, anyways, he's in my class; actually he was in my class last year too oo we used to talk o chithi... no actually, we didn't "talk", it's like 3adii laman you ask for notes oo chithii o discuss things going on... you know?"

"Yeah, like you talk about things in class awal shay ba3dain shway shway 3ogob muda out of class discussions come up oo chithii.."

"E, exactly. O we'd talk about family oo friends oo events oo like random things... fa we knew each other gabil.... Tadreen shino? Intay chiftii!" She winked.

"Ayshayyyy, mino kaan?"

"Ithakarain this year bidayat il sina, kan akoo carnival ib jam3itii oo we were walking around and then this guy came up to us and said hi then went away and you turned to me and said, 'mino hal hottiee? Hook me up!".... hehe?"

"Oh my God!! Laaa2! Reallyyyy? Ahhhhhh!!! Rawaaan, score!! Woow!!"

"Hehehehehehhe! I knowww!"

"3ad you told me he was nerdy or geeky.... Normally guys either have the hotness or the brains....."

"Mine has both!"

"Ooh, yeh yeh, yours!"

"Hehehehehehe, chub!" Her cheeks became even redder, if that were possible, "Anyways, this year he started acting a bit differently... like 9ayer yisalnii wayid 3an 7ayatii oo at times he'd flirt with me.... I enjoyed the attention, a lot. And sometimes, I would, you know, give back... hahaha, like flirt back and stuff." A huge smile crept to her face, "He's ADORABLE!" She gushed.

"Awww, so you really are in love, you weren't kidding?"

"I don't think so." She replied, "Wait, see, you know ilee he makes me happy... whenever I'm with him I feel as though I want to become a better person... and he always makes me smile.... he's a very very comfortable person. Oo I feel as though I trust him with everything.. ya3ni even though I only know him for two years, it does feel right. Bas akeed we're not getting married now.... lail7een lazim we get to know each other more... oo we're just NINETEEN, for Heaven's sake! Bas you know ilee I'm not getting caught up in the moment, I can see a future with him. O he knows that, as I said, he told me yabeenii bas he of course knew I wouldn't marry him now, it's too early for our relationship and our ages... He just wants both our parents and familys to have a healthy relationship."

"Ya7laila! Wow, just from that a7isa 5osh rayal!"

"He really is." She said quietly. The atmosphere was getting serious again, time for a lighter topic.

"Oo what about il safra?"

"Umbay you're going to fall in love with him after you hear ishsawalii!"

"I already am starting to like him by hearing about the way he is with you!"

"Yeah well, we had this project for buisness where we have to travel in partners..."

"E, you went to Dubai."

"Yeah o wagta... the professer decided to pick random students to the front so they can choose a partner.... Oo Sarah (her friend) chose me. After class I see her talking to Abdullah so I waited for her in the corner to discuss our plan. But after she was done talking to Abdullah, they both went up to the professer and I was thinking, hmmmm... what's going on? Then they come out oo Sarah apoligizes to me telling me that she got another partner oo I look up at Abdullah oo he has this mysterious smile on his face. I was like oh well... sa2altha who am I partners with oo she just looks at Abdullah."

"Huh?" I got confused.

"Yeah that's what I thought... ana 3abali ina ihya bitkoon ma3a 3abdullah bil project... 6ila3 3abdallah talked to her oo told her he wanted to be with me oo asked her if she minded switching partners."


"Shino awww?! I freaked out after they both walked away... Asafir ma3a walad I don't even know that well?! Ya3ni moo that well bas ilee he's not family! O he's in my buisness class... Ya3ni how are we supposed to plan this? Where are we supposed to meet up?!"

"Ah, 9a7, heheheh itwahagtay!"

"Eee! Bas it5ayalay 9ij 9ij maga9ar ya7laila! Each partner was supposed to go to a place.... He requested that our group and Sarah's group head to Dubai. He knew I'd want someone I'm close with with me... Oo it just made me like him more. He's so considerate! We went on the same plane, our seats were next to each other.... We stayed at the same hotel oo ana oo Sarah oo her partner nafs il '3orfa.. ya3ni it was a very pleasent trip... Oo '3air hatha... I got to spend the fourteen days with Abdullah.... Most of it was buisness work in the morning... bas like we talked in the afternoons oo chithii... it was really really nice! I got to know him more and more and learn new things about him..."


She smiled, "I know." :)

We got chocolate chip cookie dough icecream that night and talked about Abdullah the whole time in bed until all the icecream was gone. She fell asleep before me and I just looked at her, she had a smile on and looked like an angel. This overwhelming feeling came over me, shaking me, making me realize we won't always be like this, we both have futures, we both are going to grow up. I'm so happy for her yet so scared about our futures.

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Hey everyone, I'm working on part 15 right now.... I was just stuck in it for the past 4 days or so, not knowing what to do with the characters, but I'm working on it now. Inshallah yi3jibkum.

Anyways, this is my first tag, THANK YOU In My Closet (Btw, I love your story, it's AMAZING!) and Fourty-Seven!

The rules are as follow:

1.Put a picture of any grumpy person


2.Then Mention 3 things that are just abnormal

a. People who are okay with feet and are okay with looking at them, ewwwwww!
b. a person that doesn't laugh
c. me not being able to come up with answers ...9a6alt haha;p

3.Two things that irritate you
a. Chewing with your mouth open
b. copiers/copycats

4.One trigger to your anger
when a person gets mad at another person or sad or whatever and is too much of a coward to tell them and confront them in the face

5.Three people you can't live without
a. My Parents
b. My family
c. My friends

6.Two people you want to see.-i changed the question-;p
a. my friend, i miss her
b. the guy in the ma6ar on the counter (7adii widee asafir;p) hehehe

7.One of your favorite foods

Chinese salad/crepes/cold stone creamery/ Japanese

8.Three of your favorite songs

a. It's My Life-Bon Jovi

b.How You Remind Me- Nickelback

c. skyway avenue-we the kings

and many others

9.Tag 5 people:






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part 14 Dedicated to Fourty-Seven

Thank you Fourty-Seven for all your comments, :D This one's for you, hehe ;)

"Oh my God, F!" We were on our way home and I stopped abruptly in my place.


"You tried to tell me!"


I turned to face him, he looked at me, confused, "You tried to tell me cham mara, didn't you! When we were in your house, didn't you? You had this serious look on your face a bunch of times but Ali was there and you couldn't!"

"Eee." He looked down sheepishly, "kint abii agoolich, bas kil mara yi9eer shay that distracts you, fa I took it as a sign ina lazim ma agoolich. O I was so angry laman wi9alna baitich to the extent inii kint banbi6, widee agoolich, fa giltlich bas nidamt 3ogob... bas laman yatay to the place no one knows about, I knew I did the right thing."

"Fahaaad!" I gave him a hug and smiled. We linked arms and walked home, talking and laughing all the way.

"Rawaaaaaaaaaaan!" We both called her as soon as we entered the house.

"Kaniiiiiiiiiii!" She called back, coming down the stairs.

"WAWAN!!" Fahad screamed, ran to her and gave her a hug. They have this thing going on where they act as if they're kids.

"FWAHAD!" She giggled hysterically.

I'm surrounded by idiots, I thought, giggling to myself, idiots I love.

"I hear you have love drama." He shot his eyebrows up, "5al asawii popcorn oo tell us all about it!" He left us and went to the kitchen.

Rawan grabbed my arm and pulled me to my room, "All good?" She asked.

"Rawan, a7ibaa!"

"Hehe, I know 7abibtii! Does he know that?"

"Yeah, I told him."

Her eyes opened wide, "Good for you." She winked, "what happens now?"

"Umm... wala shay, we'll see shino yi9eer 3ogob jam3a."

"Noufa, I'm so proud of you. Mashallah 3alaich very mature, your parents raised you well. If they knew this, I know they'll be so proud; of course they already are, bas, wow!" I blushed and smiled. We heard a noise at the door which scared us but then a scent of popcorn filled the room and we realized it was Fahad. He came into the room with this huge grin on his face. Oh my God, did he hear us? My cheeks burned. Fahad stared into my eyes as he walked towards us causing shivers up and down my spine. He really is gorgeous!

"Yallah Rawan, we don't have all day! We're dying to hear what happened." He sat next to me and broke eye contact. Instead his hand held onto my hand, hmmm... maybe I'm not as mature as Rawan said I was, my hand in his feels really good.

Rawan noticed something was going on, she eyed our hands but didn't say anything. Instead, she just smiled and then smiled even more remembering she was going to talk about what happened to her.

"I think I'm in love!"

"WHAT?!" I haven't seen her for two weeks and she fell in love!

"Haha, just kidding, you should've seen your faces!!" Evil, evil person! hehe, "Actually this guy and I from jam3a have been flirting the whole year, N, you have to see him, he's such a hottie! O hal safra ilee safarta, well, kan ma3aay."

I gaped at her, "You never told us!! Who is this guyy??? I wanna see!"

Fahad squeezed my hand, "No please, don't." He replied which made Rawan laugh.

"He's actually a tiny bit shorter ya3ni maybe 3cms shorter than Fahad oo he's tan, he has the most beautiful smile, whitest teeth-he doesn't smoke which is definatly a plus--"

"Huh, that's a plus, ashwa I don't smoke 3ayal," Fahad commented, looking straight into my eyes. Oh, that's how it is, ha? He's building his stats up, making himself more interesting.

I stared right back into his eyes, "Hmm, I like guys who smoke, I think it's hot!" Burrrrrrrrn.

"E7mmm...." Oh, Rawan was talking, right, hehe.

"Sorry," I replied, ashamed that we were flirting and challenging each other right in front of her.

"I'm not." Fahad.

part 15 soon! any suggestions?

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part 13

"Uh huh, continue?" He gave me a smirk, he was happy about my confession, I can see that. He saw that I didn't want to talk but he wasn't going to take no for an answer, "Il7een ana giltlich inee a7ibich, I confessed everything to you, your turn!"

Well he does have a point.

"Umm..." I blushed like crazy, "Ana a7ibik ba3ad?" Apparently that wasn't enough, he didn't even laugh, just glared at me, daring me to talk.

"Okay, okay," I guess all secrets are out today, "6ool hal wagt, I've always seen you as a friend, my best friend. Bas last year, you remember your birthday?" he nodded, "ee, well, hathak il wagt bidait achoofik ib 6aree8a thanya. Rawan pointed out that you are, well, good-looking, to say the least ya3ni." He laughed. "Oo 3ogba I just saw you in a new light, chift ina kibarna, oo inik 9irt rayal... oo that you are really really hot." I felt myself blushing more and more but I could see his smile getting wider and wider, "bas walla mara itawa8a3t inik u feel the same way, ya3nii lail7een mo mistaw3iba!" I laid on my side to face him, he had this huge smile on his face. "Il7een shino bi9eer F?" I'm really curious.

There was no longer a smile on his face, "I really don't know."

We just stayed like that for half an hour, not knowing anything about the present and the future.

"Do you like Ali?" He asked me after a while.

"I don't know."

"Are your morals changing after today?" This really scared me, he means am I going to change my ideas on dating after all of this.

"I don't think so." I whispered, "F, we need to take it slow."

"Slower than this?!"

"Umm, I know what you mean, but still..." I don't want to be in a relationship, I'm such a traditional Kuwaiti girl. I bet you anything you won't find too many girls that are not willing to throw all their beliefs and morals away for a guy, even though he's the perfect guy; I'm not going to.

"I'm sorry." He said.

"Sorry?! Fahad?" I was shocked, "Are you taking everything you said back? '3ayart rayik ya3ni 3ashan I'm not going to date you?"

"La2, not at all Noufa, what the hell? I respect your morals more than anything! I'll never ask you to change them. They make you who you are! I love how traditional you are." Oh so he wasn't talking about us dating, "I'm sorry I never gave Ali a chance."

"A chance?"

"Yeah, over the course of the five years he has been going out of his way to make things right with me. I never told you this before. O laman ma a36ee wayh, he asks about you. Nouf, he really cares about you. I'm sorry I didn't give him a chance to show you who he is and what he offers. He's really a great guy, I just wanted you so badly."

"We still have now. Fahad, I understand inik it7ibni 3ashan ana a7ibik bas tawna bil jam3a.... laman nit5araj, we'll see." I smiled, "Il7een let's all hang out, without the awkwardness please." And I was being honest, I truly love F, but we're still young, we haven't seen much of the world. When the time's right, we can talk to our parents. Right now, we still have time to be young.

"I understand oo I completly support you. O ban6irlich." He winked.

"O ana natra6lik 3ogob ma nit5araj, abeek ti56ibni."

"Lail7een moo ma56oobeen o u start ordering me around!" He rolled his eyes and we were back to being ourselves. We both looked at each other and smiled.

I gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek, "Ready?"

"I think so."

"Yallah, let's go home. Rawan's waiting."

"Rawan ihnii?"

"E oo she has love drama!"

"Hehehe! No wayy!"


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part 12

wallah 3ashankum intaw my followers oo readers.. oo 3ashan my short posts, sawait double post today, hope it makes up as a long one.... thank you all... hope you like it. :)

"Fahad." Saying his name felt weird, it felt foreign in his space.

He turned around as if not believing he heard someone calling his name. He looked surprised and shocked.

"Noufa?" A question. Hmmm.... does he think he's dreaming? He looked as though he thought he's dreaming.

I went and laid next to him.

"We have a lot to talk about F."


"E, now."

"Gabil ma nabdi, shloon yatay ihnii? No one ever comes here." And so I explained. It was difficult to just look into his face and tell him but I overcame the fear and guilt. I told him that I followed him the first time and the times after that.

"Wow." He muttered.

We just lay there on the ground looking at the sky for a while without any of us speaking. It was completly silent.

"Okay, I'm ready now." Fahad, not me.

"Akeed?" Obviously, I don't want to force him, and I, myself, may not be ready.

"Yeah." He answered straight away, "Where do you want to start?"

"Five years ago," I paused, "what happened?"

He didn't argue, without missing a beat he said, "Ali and I realised we both like you, a lot."

"Huh." I said, still not believing it, he smiled.

"Should I go on walla 5ala9 malatay?" Is he serious?! I've been waiting for this for a while! I turned my face to face him, he had a gorgeous sarcastic smile on which made me smile.

"Don't wait for me." I winked.

"Okay, il mohim ina that day, kina thalathatna ib baiti oo atthakar ina kina bin6ali3 film... intay ri7tay il 7amam oo at that time Ali turned to me and said he wanted to confess something but didn't want to make things weird... o ba3dain sikat oo laf rasa 3al 7amam to see if u were there... ba3dain galii ina yi7ibich.... he likes being around you, he likes being with you, he just likes you.... chan ana atwahag, bas a6al3a madri shagool 3ashan kint 7as nafs il shay 3anich... ba3dain 6ila3tay min il 7amam oo yatay il 9ala..." Aha, I remember the awkard mood, "kamalna il film bas ana ma rakazt, kint 5ayif, shino bi9eer?! kint a7ibich bas ali kan yi7ibich oo il7een shino bi9eer fee thalathatna.... chan faj2a agoom oo a5ith 3ali fi wis6 il film oo awadii il 7adee8a 3ashan akalma, ma gidart asta7mil....ri7na bara oo gilt 7ag 3ali inii ana a7ibich..... chan yi6ignii... intay ihnee tawich gimtay oo 3ogob ma 6agnii tiasaf oo hatha laman intay yatay bil 7adi8a oo ana 6agata... oo 3ogba... ilee 9aar il ashya2 ta'3yiraw ma3ana... 9ar isboo3 ma kalamta, oo il isboo3 9ar shahar oo il shahar 9ar shahrain.. laman tajaama3 oo 9irna man3arif ba3a'6 kilish 3ogob moda... laman 9ar 5ams isneen... laman hathak ilyoum......"

"Oh my God." I stated. He laughed, his beautiful manly laugh.

"Laman itfakreen feeha, ee, ya3ni gidarna inkalim ba3a'6 inchoof shisalfa bas 7igarna ba'3a'6."

"E wallaaaah.. O hathak ilyoum ib baitkum laish 3a9abt?"

"Ali lail7een yi7ibich. Kila laman yijarib yikalmini hal 5ams isneen, yisa2l 3anich."

"Bas inta ba3ad it7ibni?" I blushed.

"Shrayich?" He looked at me as if I was stupid.

"Wallah Fahad, to tell you the truth, I think I really really like you."

part 11: Past/ F's sister

If I knew anything about Fahad, I know that he won't be home right now, instead he'll go to his favorite place in all of Kuwait which is a secret to everyone, me included. The only way I know it's his favorite place is because I once followed him there when his sister passed away and ended up there.

However, he doesn't know that I followed him, I was too scared to admit it at to him at the time. So I just wanted to see where he's going, making sure he won't get into any problem. Now year after year since then whenever there's something really bad going on his life, and it's only the really bad things, he goes back to his spot. He doesn't know that I know that and when I bring it up in a way of asking him what he did that day, he'll just say he was asleep or something. I feel really bad not telling him that I know. You know the feeling when someone has a secret and you know it and you don't tell them you know it? It's like stepping into their space, I felt a bit rude and disrespectful, you know what I mean? And I still do feel guilty after all these years.

His sister was 5 years older than him and she loved him so much and he loved her even more. He looked up to her, worshiped her, she was his role model.

She died from a car accident on her way to her friend's house. I was at his house that night. She was fifteen and such a happy person, just like Fahad. I remember the last time we saw her very clearly even though we were only nine.

"Sarah, til3ibeen ma3ana?" A ten year old me asked her.

"Aw! Noufiii," She used to always call me Noufi, and I loved it, "wallah, I wish!! Bas I will tomorrow for sure." She winked.

"Laish wain ray7aaaa?" Fahad tried to make it sound like a question but it showed he was sad she wouldn't be playing with us today.

"Wallah Fahoodii," She's the only one that called him that, no one does now, he doesn't like anyone calling him that now, "baroo7 3ind Haya (her best friend), ihya il7een 3al 6ireej yaya min bait 3amatha ta5ithni oo inroo7 baitha."

"Sarah tara ana a7ib haya," Fahad stated.

"Ihya itmooot 3alaik!!" This made the biggest smile ever appear on F's ten year old face, he was so happy his sister's friend liked him.

Her phone rang after that, "Aloo?" She answered, "Intay bara? Kanii yaya?"

"Fahoodii oo Noufii lazim aroo7 il7een bas tadroon mino yi7ibkum akthar min Haya?" We both just stared at her with eager eyes, wanting to know who, "Anaaaaaa! Ana amooooooooooooot 3alaikum, ma tadroon ishkither a7ibkum!" Then she started tickling F and me which made us laugh so hard. F & I gave her a kiss and she kissed us both and hugged us.

"Achoofkum il laila inshallah, don't stay up, okay?" She knew we were going to, kina nistanis 3ala staying up late, acting as though we're adults.

"Okay." We answered innocently.

"Love you both!!" She gave us kisses but Haya honked the horn and she had to go, "Byyye.."

We continued playing until it was time for bed. We stayed up late, later then ever before, waiting for her to come back so we can surprise her by how late we stayed up when we heard the phone ring in the kitchen and a scream. We never got to surprise his sister that night, and after that, we hardly talked about her.

F & I didn't sleep that night, we couldn't. In the morning I heard his footsteps, I left his mother's room where I was sleeping, and tried not to make a sound. He left the house, we weren't supposed to but I guess no one was paying attention. I didn't want anything bad to happen to him, it's a big scary world.

I guess I was really quiet, F didn't hear me at all, he kept on walking and walking and walking. He got to a place, looked at it, then moved his lips, talking to himself. I heard what he said and it broke my heart then and there and I knew at that moment I shouldn't intrude on his space.

This present situation is really different from his sister but I had a feeling, from the way Rawan described him, that he won't be going home. I walked and walked and walked and found him at his spot. Over the years, I found a good hiding place to just hide and make sure he'll be okay. He was laying on his back and just looking at the sky. It was now or never, I knew I have to be brave and finally confront him and then talk about what happened.

It's now or never.

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Apology and Sites

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Second of all, I really am absolutely sorry for my very short posts. I know they're really really short. I'm really busy these days but, no excuses, sometime this week I'll give you guys a really really long post I promised you all. :)

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part 10

What was I doing?! Am I an idiot!? This is my best friend! He's my bestest and my oldest and my first friend! He's the boy my parents never had, he's the guy I'm absolutely comfortable hanging out with (accept for the times where my mind wanders off, seeing him as more of a friend)! He's the guy that is allowed to stay in my room while I shower. He's the guy I trust with all my heart. He's the guy I can see being my kids' dad, the guy who will take care of us. Woah, I'm going ahead of myself! He's first and foremost my best friend, and that's what I'm going to concentrate on now. I'm not allowing myself to get excited over him admitting he has a crush on me, is crush too strong a word? I think it's more like liking me at a higher level; but the jealousy, his actions, the way he got mad when I couldn't see the truth, is it a crush?

Okay, stop it N!!! I have to talk to him. Speed dailing his number on my mobile, I waited and waited and waited.... Three rings, no answer, it normally took him at most two rings. Four rings, five rings, finally voicemail,

"Hala, this is Fahad, *my laugh heard in the back* leave a msg." Akh, I remember the time we recorded it as soon as he got his phone. We tried recording over and over again and seemed to fail every time because we were laughing too much. In the end he did this quick message where apparently my laugh is heard. That's it, I'm going over to his house, right now.

"Wain ray7a? I just got here!" Called my cousin, Rawan, from the kitchen.

"RAWAN!!!" I haven't seen her in two weeks since she traveled to Dubai, "Oh my God!! How are youu??" I ran to her and gave her a bear hug. Another person that I trust with almost everything. Fahad and her are the closest two people to me.

Just seeing her made me happy but as soon as she said, "I saw Fahad while driving on the way here, he looked miserable! 7ayl yiksir il 5a6ir!!", I felt terrible. She's a big sucker for Fahad, and I know what she means, he cares for other people, he always wants to see them happy, it's heartbreaking to see him sad.

"Was he really really sad?"

"Noufa, he looked miserable!! I never saw him like this! He just looked... I can't explain it, Noufa wallah yiksir il 5a6ir, I just didn't know what to tell him fa gilt 5al ayee asilich."

"Rawaaan, he says he liked me."

"Finally." She mumbled, "O intay il 5ibla ishsawaytay?! You didn't tell him you don't like him back did you?! You have a humongous crush 3alai!"

"I didn't say anything, I was too shocked." What did she say by finally? Ah! Did everyone else see it? "Yal 7mara why didn't you tell me anything!? Oo by the way lazim itgooleenlii 3an your trip, bas right now lazim akalim fahad, I'll be back in an hour or so."

"No worries, I'll be here, oo I'll tell you my own love drama!" She winked.

"Love drama?! Nooo! Really!?"She had the same morals and standards as I had on dating and stuff.

"Go, go! I missed you!"

"Missed you too." I went over and hugged her then left the house...

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part 9

"Can you say something?" He mumbled. I was quiet for about two minutes, just staring at him without blinking. I didn't understand what he just said, did he like me? Or did he mean in the past when we were kids?

"Care to elaborate? I like u too, bas I don't think I'm imaging here, are you saying something more?" I finally answered. A smile was creeping to his face, A SMILE!! What the hell, a freaking heart breaking smile! Wasn't he just frustrated?

"Nouf," he came closer, "NOUF, you don't know how I'm going crazy over you!"

"You like me." A statement, not a question; wow, I can't believe this. No, I really can't believe this. I didn't say anything, thinking about it; but I had to ask, "Shino ya3ni? Il7een walla gabil? O ishda5al 3ali? Laish 6agaita?!"

"As more than a friend," He muttered, "and Ali did too; I think he still does."

"Na3am, DID? The fight was because you both liked me? We were THIRTEEN! And do you still?" Remembering the way he was acting, oh my God, he does still!

"Yeah well, it wasn't like you helped! Plus, you wanted to know!" He responded, "You know what, I see this was a mistake." He looked miserable. He left my room without even saying goodbye.

I should go after him but I was frozen in my place. These two guys, one that I had a SERIOUS crush on, the other that I'm starting to like, both liked me; and I may be losing one of them now.

part 8

"F, will I ever know what happened between you and A? Pleaaase, I'm dying to know!" I asked him as soon as we left. We had a great time, talking the rest of the time. Things were still tense between F & A but at least he's invited him to come to our university.

"Noufa, I don't know." He became quiet all of a sudden, he didn't say anything for a whole minute then continued, "Wait, la2, you know what, I'll tell you, as soon as we get home."

We were quiet the whole way, which wasn't weird or awkward for us but under these circumstances, it is kind of weird. I didn't know how to act or what to expect, what was he going to tell me? Is he going to change his mind? I looked over at him, he seemed frustrated, he was over thinking which showed by his eyebrows furrowing. We got to my house in less than six minutes but the anticipation made it feel like much more time passed by.

"You." He was quiet the whole way until we were inside my door, he held my hands, looked me in the eyes and said one word.

"What?" What do I have to do with anything? What is he talking about?

"Five years ago, we were playing around, you, me, and Ali; Ali and I fought, it was over you."

"I'm not following, fighting over me what for exactly?" He looked really frustrated and I felt I was dumb for not getting it. However, it may be because I was distracted by how adorable he looked! Man, he's such a hottie!!! My thoughts were heading to a different direction, I was thinking of the woman he will marry, she will be such a lucky person. A7lim inee akoon that person, I know F doesn't see me that way.

"Laish ma tifhameen?!" He interrupted my thoughts, he was really mad. "A7ibich!!!"